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Liù Bosisio

Milan 30 January 1936



Liù Bosisio, real name Luigia Banda Mauri, actress, writer, singer and voice actress, has attended the Academy of dramatic arts in Milan. He achieved notoriety for the interpretation of Mrs. Pina, in the first two movies of Fantozzi and The second tragic Fantozzi, later replaced by Milena Vukotic, then in 1986 play him again inSuperfantozziIt was the voice of Marge SimpsonSpank dog protagonist in the cartoon, Hello SpankLeave an acting career to devote himself to literature, and in 1976, with Peppino Venetucci, writes a play adapted from Dostoevsky's first novel, poor folk that will be recorded for RAI.



Theatre work


1955/ Sat babies, role of servant, company and directed by Romolo Costa, Teatro Manzoni, Milan

1955-57/ Treasure island, Jim, company directed by Enzo Vales, children's, Milan

1960-61/ Robinson or the eternal love, the role of a young girl, by j. Supervielle, Theatre Conference, Milan

1960-61/ The cloak, her daughter, daughter of Dino Buzzati, directed by Enzo Ferrieri, Theatre Conference, Milan

1960-61/ This marriage must be done, no maid role buffa, by Vitaliano Brancati, directed by Enzo Ferrieri, Theatre Conference, Milan

1961-62/ A cannon for Sheihk, multiple roles, by g. Fusco, directed by v. Puecher, Piccolo Teatro, Milan

1962/ The Tempest, by William Shakespeare, starring as Ariele directed by f. Tan, summer tour

1963/ The Tarfante, the little woman role of n. Ambrosino, who sleeps with flowers directed by the author, Teatro Manzoni

1964-65/ Cabaret Theatre, lyrics and direction by n. Ambrosino, r. Danè, Enrico Vaime, Franco fog, mist Club

1965/ The cabaret on stage, directed by n. Ambrosino, Teatro della Arti, Rome

1966/ The Seer, of Roussin, role of the biscuit, Company Elsa Merlini, directed by Carlo Di Stefano, Theatre Conference, Milan

1966-67/ Corruption at the Palace of Justice, di Ugo Betti, role of Florence Nightingale, Gianni Santuccio, directed by f. Tan

1967-68/ Bertoldo, Bertoldino e Cacasenno, p. b. Baird, in the role of Cacasenno, Sandra Mondaini, directed by m. Baldi

1968/ The Candlestick, Giordano Bruno, as the harlot, directed by Luca Ronconi, Teatro Quirino, Rome

1969/ Orlando Furioso, Ludovico Ariosto, Aclinic roles and Cabrini, directed by Luca Ronconi, Festival dei Due Mondi, Spoleto

1971/ The tragedy of the Avenger, by c. Turner in the role of Duke, directed by Luca Ronconi, Teatro Eliseo, Rome

1971/ XX, in French in the victim role, directed by Luca Ronconi, Odeon theatre, Paris

1972/ Catherine de Heilbronn, Henrich von Kleist, in the role of Authority, directed by Luca Ronconi, Zurich

1972/ When does day, e. Bond, as Queen Victoria, directed by a. Pugliese, Teatro della Arti, Rome

1972-73/ Oresteia, by Aeschylus, directed by Luca Ronconi, Venice (then tour to Belgrade and Zurich)

1973-74/ The good person of Szechwan, by Bertolt Brecht, in the role of the grandfather of the Teatro Stabile company, directed by Benno Besson, Teatro Argentina, Rome

1974-75/ One hundred and fifty hen sings ..., Achille Campanile, musical comedy Theater Company, directed by f. Crivelli, Argentina Theatre in Rome

1975/ The Menaechmi, Plautus, in the role of his wife, directed by Maurizio Scaparro, summer season at the Theatre of Ostia antica

1976/ A Midsummer night's dream, Shakespeare, playing Elena summer season at the Teatro Romano, Verona

1977/ Poor people, by Dostoyevsky, in the role of Varinka, reduction of Liù Bosisio and p. Venetucci, directed by p. Venetucci, theater Politecnico, Rome

The hard man, in the role of Crescence by Hugo von Hofmannsthal, directed by Sergio Fantoni

The suppliant, by Anton Chekhov, in the role of supplicant, directed by Marco Sciaccaluga

1979-80/ Turcaret, by Alain-René Lesage, in the role of nana, Director of Egisto Marcucci, Teatro di Genova, Genoa

Applause, musical comedy, playing the role of Karen, directed by Antonello Falqui,

The Knight of the rose, by Hugo von Hofmannsthal, ATER (Theatre Emilia-Romagna)





1962/ The March on Rome, by Dino Risi

1962/ The Cuckoo, Luciano Salce

1964/ The Late Late, episode The unscrewed, by Marino Girolami and Javier Setò

1964/ Mondine and mundane, Tanio Boccia

1972/ They strike without mercy (Pulp) by Mike Hodges

1972/ Without family, poorer residents seeking affection, Vittorio Gassman

1973/ The monster is on the table ... Baron Frankenstein, by Paul Morrissey

1974/ The SLOWPOKE, by Paolo Cavara

1975Fantozzi, by Luciano Salce

1976/ The second tragic Fantozzi, by Luciano Salce

1976/ Novecento, Bernardo Bertolucci

1977/ Black journal, by Mauro Bolognini

1980/ The seducers of Sunday, episode The carnet of Armando, Dino Risi

1982/ Busted, gassed, fully melted, Steno

1983/ The Taxi driver, Alberto Sordi

1986/ Superfantozzi, by Neri Parenti



Movie Dubbing


Marie Kean in Barry Lyndon

Diane Ladd in Alice doesn't live here anymore

Geraldine McEwan in The love letterRobin Hood-Prince of thieves

Julie Harris in Gorillas in the mist

Susan Anspach in Play it again, Sam

Valentina Cortese in The cav. Constant demonic Dracula in Brianza: Nicosia



Animated film/cartoons


Ellie Mae in The adventures of rescuers

Grandmother Bear in Care bears  the movie

Laverne in The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Marge Simpson (season 1-22), Patty and Selma Bouvier, (season 1-21), and Jacqueline Bouvierthe Simpsons

Jolene, Kissyfur

Charlie Brown in the television series Charlie Brown (five episodes)

Charlie Brown, Snoopy come home

Perfidy, a video game for Kevin

Martina, Martina Martina

Cappuccetto a pois, Little poluccetto

Salem, in Salem Salem, in the first series

Doraemon in Doraemon

Ryu, X-Bomber

Director of nursing at St. Joseph, in Candy Candy

Banner, The squirrel Banner

Fat, The magician baby bump on ethical

Duncan, Mahō tsukai Chappy

Coco, Kimba the White Lion

Ruriko, Tiger mask – the champion

Hedwig/sea witch, A Mermaid

Granny, My Neighbor Totoro




Vicki Lawrence, Mom is always mom

Vivian Vance, in the Lucy Show

Voice of the goose, Fantaghirò; Fantaghirò 2



Soap operas and telenovelas


Marichu de Labra, Colorina

Marilena Ansaldi, Trio of hearts

Eszter Penà, Lampiao and Maria Bonita






1960/ Khaled's aunt's Necklace