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Raffaele Arena stage name Lello Arena

Naples, 1 January 1953



Because of his parents ' job (employed at the tobacco factory) as a child from Naples moved to San Giorgio a Cremano, but this move was not happy in fact he cursed his parents, accusing them of selfishness. Lello also played Rugby in serie D. During a play in the parish know Massimo Troisi like shelves passion for Rugby and begins to devote himself full time to the theatre. With Massimo and other friends founded the Group RH negative by creating a new type of theater and cabaret. In 1977 the group is renamed to the Saracens and then the grimace, the other friends left the Group and were only Enzo De Caro, Massimo Troisi and Lello Arena, the trio made its debut at the Teatro San Carluccio di Napoli, beginning their career, after they debuted at the local Roman La ChansonIn 1981 Massimo Troisi invites him to participate in the movie I'm starting over from Three  where he plays the friend intrusive (Gaetano). In 1982 is the protagonist of the film where he plays Michael a journalist who, conditioned by a jealous, whose motive is in total denial of the first Festival New Naples to dismiss from the usual stereotypes, starts killing festival participants. In 1993 published the book the secrets of the sacred Papyrus of the Supreme Urz, a mixture of musings on life. In 2003 double Punch in the cartoon Toto Taste and the magical history of pizzaIn 2009 receives the lifetime achievement award Massimo Troisi.

In 2006 he married the daughter of Director Vittorio Taviani (Francesca).




I'm starting over from Three, directed by Massimo Troisi

No thanks, the coffee makes me nervous, directed by Lodovico Gasparini

Sorry for the delay, directed by Massimo Troisi

Hearts in the storm, directed by Enrico Oldoini

Bertoldo, Bertoldino and Cacasenno, directed by Mario Monicelli

The courage to speak, directed by Leonardo Castellani

Moonlights, direction and screenplay, Lello Arena

We make paradise, directed by Mario Monicelli

You laugh, (episode the two seizures), directed by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani

I've killed Berlusconi, directed by Gianluca Rossi

The most beautiful school in the world, directed by Luca Miniero

Wonderful Boccaccio, directed by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani



Past productions



Luisa Sanfelice, directed by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani

Kissed by the love, directed by Claudio Norza


He Voiced


Rodney in Dr. Dolittle, directed by Betty Thomas

Pulcinella in Toto flavor and the magical history of pizza, directed by Maurizio Forestieri









Moonlights, directed by Lello Arena

No thanks, the coffee makes me nervous, directed by Lodovico Gasparini





Non Stop, with the grimace

The face, with the grimace

Luna Park, with the grimace

Dead Troisi, viva Troisi!, Rai 3 television special for the series that makes you laugh?


Céline Dion Show

Striscia La notizia

Friday night fever

Those two over the varano


Lucky Carràmba

The Cook's Trial – special Lottery Italy

Luisa Sanfelice

Kissed by the love