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Isa Barzizza

Sanremo 22 November 1929


Luisita Isa Barzizza, father Pippo Barzizza, conductor, her mother Tatina Salesi. During high school, attending theatrical performances, in supporting roles. Erminio Macario, after completing his studies, under the permission of the father, the spear in a magazine. Debuts with The boarders of San Babila, and Follies of Hamlet, 1947/1948. Subsequently, she starred alongside toto, from whom he learns and inherits all the secrets of the trade; together they interpret once upon a time the world, watch what you eatAlways with toto, made her film debut with the two orphansThe only starring role plays him in great variety. Between 1951 and 1952 he worked with Garinei and Giovaninni, and engages in straight Theatre, Shakespeare, twelfth nightOn 3 January 1954, is the star of a scripted Rai in a one-act play by Carlo Goldoni Osteria de mailAt the beginning of the years ' 60, after her husband's death (the Director Carlo Alberto Chiesa) occurred by accident, she decided to devote herself to her daughter, and retired from acting; Although in recent years he founded a company of dubbing. Back to perform at the theatre in the years ' 90, a flea in her ear, arsenic and old laceJoin the Spoleto Festival with the last yankeein 1999 interprets Sisters MattressesBack to work at the cinema and on television, she starred in two dramas of Rai Uno Let us not be moreIn 2012 back to cinema, in the movie long live Italy.





1947/ The two orphans

1947/ Where's Charlotte?

1948/ Fifa and arena

1948/ Toto at the tour of Italy

1949/ The firemen of Viggiù

1949/ Adam and Eve

1950/ The Six Wives of Beard

1950/ q & a

1950/ The Cheerful Widower 

1950/ The elusive 12

1950/ Figaro here, Figaro there

1951/ The wizard of strength

1951/ Holy crap!

1951/ Seven hours of trouble

1951/ Milan billionaire

1952/ First prize: Mariarosa

1952/ Babes on scooters

1952/ Color toto

1952/ Unveiled

1952/ We're all tenants

1953/ Songs for two voices

1953/ Long live the magazine

1953/ Youth on trial

1953/ It is never too late

1953/ The daughter of the regiment

1953/ Neapolitan Turk

1953/ The adventures of Cartouche

1954/ Toto seeks peace

1954/ Variety

1954/ Passionately

1954/ A box at the opera

1955/ Penguins are watching us

1955/ We loved each other so much

1974/ Red Carnation

1976/ The moment of adventure

1983/ Zucchini Flowers

1989/ Thank goodness there's Toto

1991/ 80sqm, episode "No mum no"

1993/ Solo, short film

1995/ Ardena

1997/ Donkeys

1999/ 7 km from Jerusalem

2007/ A boundless youth

2010/ Long live Italy 

2012/ Honey Apples

2012/ Study illegal

20 13/ Guess who's coming to Christmas


RAI filmography


1954/ The inn of the pros

1954/ I don't know you anymore

1954/ Gavino and Sigismund

1954/ How he lied to her husband

1954/ Paquebot tenacity

1999/2001/ Let Us not be more

2000/ Valeria medical examiner, TV miniseries

2006/2007/ Throw the moon

2008/ For a night of love, TV series