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Guido Celano

 Francavilla al Mare, 19 April 1904 – Roma, 7 March 1988




Actor, voice actor and Director, coming from a noble family. After studying in Rome, against the advice of the family studied acting, devoting himself to the theatre. In 1929 she starred in the silent movie Rails by Mario Camerini and in 1931 it Devil's Lantern by Carlo Campogalliani. In 1932, is the protagonist in the film the Palio, directed by Alessandro Blasetti, where she plays a Jockey. In the late 1960s, he debuted as a Director with two westerns, signed with the pseudonym William First, Killed in cold and swore ... and killed them one by one ...Shy PilukHaving played several times the part of policeman, was inducted along with Tino Buazzelli, Alberto Sordi, Vittorio de Sica, Nino Manfredi, Franco Nero, Massimo Ranieri Lando Buzzanca, Diego Abatantuono, Carlo Verdone, Enrico Montesano, Stefano Satta Flores, in the special book that the weapon was dedicated to the cinema industry. In 1974 along with Dino De Laurentiis, Franco Cristaldi, Monica Vitti and Silvio Clementelli, received the gold medals, la vita per il Cinema.



Movie Filmography



1929/ Rails, by Mario Camerini 

1931/ The Devil's Lantern, directed by Carlo Campogalliani 

1931/ Heartbreaker, directed by Guido Brignone 

1932/ Palio, directed by Alessandro Blasetti

1932/ The Blue Armydirected by Gennaro Righelli 

1933/ Still waters, directed by Gero Zambuto 

1933/ Baby girl, directed by Eugenio De Liguoro 

1934/ The Mistress Servant, by Gennaro Righelli 

1935/ Love, directed by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia 

1936/ The White Squadron directed by Augusto Genina 

1936/ Lin it's not serious, by Mario Camerini 

1936/ Music in the square, directed by Mario Mattoli 

1936/ Pietro Micca, directed by Aldo Vergano 

1936/ The Black Corsair, by Amleto Palermi 

1936/ Giuseppe Verdi, directed by Carmine Gallone 

1939/ Jeanne Doré, directed by Mario Bonnard 

1939/ Divorce surprises, directed by Guido Brignone 

1939/ Latest youth, directed by Jeff Musso 

1939/ Follies of the century, by Amleto Palermi  

1939/ The invisible partner, directed by Roberto Leone Roberti 

1940/ Fanfulla from Lodi, directed by Giulio Antamoro and Carlo Duse 

1940/ Civil Arditi, directed by Domenico Gambino 

1940/ The Knight of Kruja, directed by Carlo Campogalliani 

1941/ First love, directed by Carmine Gallone 

1942/ The Two Orphans, directed by Carmine Gallone 

1942/ Unexpected factory, directed by Jacopo Comin 

1942/ Fedora, directed by Camillo Mastrocinque

1942/ The mask and the face, directed by Camillo Mastrocinque 

1942/ Don Cesare di Bazan, directed by Riccardo Freda 

1942/ Sleeping beauty, directed by Luigi Chiarini 

1942/ Four steps in the clouds, directed by Alessandro Blasetti 

1942/ The Knights of the desert, directed by Gino Talamo and Osvaldo Valenti 

1943/ The living statue, by Camillo Mastrocinque 

1943/ Henry IV, directed by Giorgio Pàstina 

1946/ Fatal Symphony, directed by Victor Stoloffù 

1946/ L'affaire du Grand Hôtel, directed by André Hugon 

1947/ Law of blood, directed by Luigi Capuano 

1947/ The Smith of the convent, by Max Calandri

1949 / Swallows in flight, directed by Luigi Capuano 

1949/ Fabiola, directed by Alessandro Blasetti 

1950/ Norma's Love, directed by Giuseppe Di Martino 

1950/ Peppino e Violetta (The Small Miracle), directed by Maurice Cloche 

1950/ The deported (Deported), directed by Robert Siodmak 

1950/ Women and robbers, directed by Mario Soldati 

1950/ Brigadier Musolino, by Mario Camerini 

1950/ The Thief of Venice, directed by John Brahm 

1951/ Without a flag, directed by Lionello De Felice 

1951/ Seven hours of trouble, directed by Marcello Marchesi 

1951/ The Seven Dwarfs to the Rescue, directed by Paolo w. Tamburella 

1952/ Jolanda, the daughter of the Black Corsaro, directed by Mario Soldati 

1952/ Long live the cinema!, directed by Enzo Trapani 

1952/ Female without heart, directed by Renato Borraccetti 

1952/ Black feathers, directed by Oreste Biancoli 

1952/ Other timesdirected by Alessandro Blasetti 

1952/ Red love, directed by Aldo Vergano 

1953 / The Hand of the Stranger, directed by Mario Soldati 

1953 / Foreign Legion, by Basilio Franchina 

1953 / Drama in the Kasbah, directed by Edoardo Anton 

1953 / Ivan (the son of the White Devil), directed by Guido Brignone 

1953 / Giuseppe Verdi, directed by Raffaello Matarazzo 

1954 / The five dell'adamello, directed by Pino Mercanti 

1954 / I cried for you, directed by Gino Rippo 

1954 / The prisoner of Amalfi, directed by Giorgio Cristallini 

1954 / Our Times, by Alessandro Blasetti 

1954 / The Lover of Paris, directed by Marc Allégret, Edgar g. Ulmer (

1954 / Attila, directed by Pietro Francisci 

1954 / The boatman of Amalfi, directed by Mino Roli 

1954 / The Woman of the River, directed by Mario Soldati 

1955/ There is no greater love, directed by Giorgio Bianchi 

1955/ Nowadays Girls, directed by Luigi Zampa 

1955/ The Last Lover, directed by Mario Mattoli 

1955/ Don Camillo and Mr Peppone, directed by Carmine Gallone 

1956 / Catherine, directed by Oreste Palella

1956 / Story of a minor, directed by Piero Costa 

1956 / War and peace (War and Peace), directed by King Vidor 

1956 / The master is me, directed by Franco Brusati 

1956 / La castellana of Lebanon (La châtelaine du Liban), directed by Richard Pottier 

1956 / Men and Wolves, directed by Giuseppe De Santis 

1957/ The count of Matera, directed by Luigi Capuano 

1957/ Burning Horizon, directed by Roberto Bianchi Montero 

1957/ Loving you is my destiny, directed by Ferdinando Baldi 

1957/ Spring morning, directed by Giacinto Solito 

1957/ The dreams, directed by Renato Castellani 

1958/ The dam on the Pacific Ocean This Angry Age ) directed by René Clément 

1958/ Fortunella, directed by Eduardo De Filippo 

1958/ Goodbye Rome, directed by Roy Rowland 

1958/ Young husbands, directed by Mauro Bolognini 

1958/ Valeria girl little serious, directed by Guido Malatesta 

1958/ The storm, directed by Alberto Lattuada 

1959/ Journey to the Lost City directed by Fritz Lang 

1959/ The Avenger, directed by William Dieterle 

1959/ The Tiger of Eschnapur ( Der Tiger von Eschnapur ), directed by Fritz Langù 

1959/ The Great War, directed by Mario Monicelli 

1959/ The Indian Tomb ( Das indische Grabmal ) directed by Fritz Lang 

1959/ The master of the ironworks, directed by Anton Giulio Majano 

1959/ The beautiful legs of Sabrina, directed by Camillo Mastrocinque 

1960/ The Beautiful Antonio, directed by Mauro Bolognini 

1960/ Carthage in flames, directed by Carmine Gallone

1960/ Jovanka and the others ( 5 Branded Women ), directed by Martin Ritt 

1960/ Under ten flags, directed by Duilio Coletti 

1960/ The Woman of the Pharaohs, directed by Viktor Tourjansky 

1960/ The Hunchback, directed by Carlo Lizzani 

1961/ Everybody go home (1960), directed by Luigi Comencini

1961/  The King of Poggioreale, directed by Duilio Coletti 

1961/ Rosamund and Alboino, directed by Carlo Campogalliani 

1961/ The Carabiniere on Horseback, directed by Carlo Lizzani 

1961/ Barabba, directed by Richard Fleischer 

1961/ Maciste vs. vampire horse, directed by Duccio Tessari 

1962/ Hypnosis, directed by Eugenio Martín 

1962/ The Italian robbers, directed by Mario Camerini 

1963/ The mark of Zorro, directed by Mario Caiano 

1963 / The flying saucer, directed by Tinto Brass 

1963 / The immortal ( The immortelle ) by Alain Robbe-Grillet 

1963 / The invincible masked rider, directed by Umberto Lenzi 

1966/ Killing a cold, directed by Guido Celano 

1966/ A flood of dollars, directed by Carlo Lizzani 

1968/ Shy Piluk, directed by Guido Celano 

1972/ Boccaccio, directed by Bruno Corbucci 

1972/ Violence: Fifth Power, directed by Florestano Vancini 

1974/ Flavia, the Muslim nun, directed by Gianfranco Mingozzi 

1975/ The Rude, directed by Marino Girolami 

1975/ Mark shoots first, directed by Stelvio Massi 

1976/ The violent act of crime team, directed by Stelvio Massi 

1980/ The authorized educator, directed by Luciano Odorisio 

1982/ Sciopèn, directed by Luciano Odorisio 

1984/ The two carabinieri, directed by Carlo Verdone 

1988/ Paradise Street, directed by Luciano Odorisio 





1959/ Treasure island, directed by Anton Giulio Majano, television drama 

1959/ Fuenteovejuna, directed by Anton Giulio Majano 

1962/ An American tragedy, directed by Anton Giulio Majano, television drama 

1963/ Before dinner, directed by Anton Giulio Majano, comedy 

1964/ The Citadel, directed by Anton Giulio Majano, television drama 

1966/ Don Giacinto in force, directed by Anton Giulio Majano, original TV 

1969/ Tenente Sheridan: The Queen of hearts, directed by Leonardo Cortese, TV series 

1969/ The Showdown: the Grand Council at the Verona trial, directed by Marco Leto, TV film 

1972/ Augustine of Hippo, directed by Roberto Rossellini, film TV 

1971/ Buddenbrooks, directed by Edmo Fenoglio, scripted TV  



Film director


1967/ Killing a cold

1968/ Shy Piluk


Movie Dubbing



Clancy Cooper, in The best years of our lives  

Crahan Denton, in The dark over the hedge

Jerry Holmes, in How the west was won

Peter Scalia, in A Midnight Cowboy

Lenny Montana, in The Godfather

Renato Pinciroli, For Cesarina's sake

Bruce Watson and Byron Morrow, Johnny got his gun

Emilio Delgado, Sesame Street





Fred Flintstone, backing vocals, the ancestors

Ikima- steel Jeeg

Alvar- Vickie the Viking

Gida- Grand Prix and the champion

Nathan – Superbook