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Giorgio Bianchi

Rome, 18 February 1940-9 February 1967



In the 1929 silent film as an actor begins with the port of Jacopo Comin. His career as Director and scriptwriter he beginning of 1941, becoming one of the magliori members of the Italian comedy. Between 1942 and 1967 he directed forty films.



Filmography Actor


The Port 

The Grace 

Assize Court 

Living Gardens 


La donna di una notte 

The Lonely Mountain 

The ladder 

What a flop 



Terra madre 

Five zero 

Two happy hearts 

L'armata azzurra 

The old lady 

The fortune of Zanze 


His Highness said: no! 



First Assistant Director



The Black Corsair 

I figli del marchese Lucera 

Cavalleria rusticana 

San Giovanni Decollato 

Men on the bottom 




The schoolteacher 

A little wife 

The surrender of Tareq 

Crime news 


Il mondo vuole così 

What times! 

A letter to dawn 

Hearts at sea 

Twenty years 

Il caimano del Piave 

Amor I ... however ... though 

Holy crap!

La nemica

Scampolo 53 '

Plonker (Via Padova 46)


Accadde al penitenziario 

Buonanotte ... avvocato! 

She likes me 

The shadow 

There is no greater love 

Il conte Max 

La nipote Sabella

Gli zitelloni

Brevi amori a Palma 

The moralist 

Men and noblemen

22-22 Calls Lt. Sheridan 

Femmine di lusso

The Olympics of husbands 

The attendants 

Hands up 

The changing of the guard 

My pal Benito 

Sins of summer 

Totò e Peppino divisi in Berlin 

The 4 taxi drivers 

Seduced and cheated

Make Virgin 

When I say I love you