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Giorgio Albertazzi

May 28, 1923 – August 20, 2016



In 1943 joins the Salò Republic, holding the rank of Lieutenant in the 3rd company of the Legion Tagliamento. In 1945 after the defeat of the Republic of Salò is arrested for having commanded, in the days leading up to the release, a firing squad, he spent two years in prison before being freed in 1947 following the so-called "Amnesty Togliatti ". Graduated in architecture, he devoted himself thereafter to acting in soap operas, theatre, cinema, on television. He debuted on stage in 1949 in Troilus and Cressida by Shakespeare, directed by Luchino Visconti, at the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. In 1964, on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the birth of Shakespeare, makes its debut at the Old Vic Theatre in London with Hamlet, directed by Franco Zeffirelli with female protagonists Anna Proclemer and Anna Maria Guarnieri. In 1969 he acted in Jekyll, based on the novel the strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson, his first and only film as a film director is Gradiva , 1970, with Laura Antonelli, the movie flopped was withdrawn from cinemas.

In 1969 at La Scala in Milan is Oedipus in Oedipus (Sophocles) with incidental music by Andrea Gabrieli for directed by Giorgio De Lullo, Anna Proclemer, Renzo Palmer, Gualtiero Tumiati, Mario Erpichini, GabrieleLavia, Alfredo Bianchini, Roberto Rizzi and Tonino Pierferici. In 1974 he took part in the television series Philo Vance, where she plays the part of detective created by S.S. Van Dine. At La Fenice Theatre in Venice in 1980 he directed and adaptation of Peer Gynt by Henrik Ibsen, Edvard Grieg's incidental music and a narrator with Anna Proclemer, Elisabetta Pozzi and Bianca Toccafondi directed by Piero Bellugi.     

In 1994 he founded and directed, together with the Association City project, the laboratory performing arts Volterra Verse, the breath,singingfrom where will come dozens of young actors and actresses.       

In 1996 it was candidate to the Chamber in Tradate: backed by the centre-right, he got 31 percent of the vote and was defeated by the representative of the Northern League Carlo Ambrogio Frigerio. In 1997 he collaborated with singer Giuni Russo in Verba Tango, contemporary music and poetry show that sees the production of Ezio Trapani. In 1999 the port Borges in Tango with the students of the school of Volterra. 

Since 2003 he is Director of the Teatro di Roma. Partner on the stage and in life is the actress Bianca Toccafondi, in 2004 the public pays homage to the career award Gassman. At the same time, brings to the stage, along with Dario Fo, a series of broadcasts lectures on theatre in Italy, later broadcast by RAI. On 10 February 2006 he played the song of Ulysses, from Dante, during the opening ceremony of the Turin Olympics. In 2007 he marries in Rome, with a civil ceremony with the Florentine noblewoman Pia de'Tolomei, the two have 36 years apart, 84 Aaron, and 48. In 2009 he recorded for RAI 2 a reading of Divine Comedy among the ruins of the historic center of L'Aquila after the earthquake; on 1 St September he received the honorary citizenship of Ricadi. In 2014 took part in the 10th edition of dancing under the stars on Rai 1. Aaron died on 28 August of 2016 to Villa Tolomei di Sticciano, home of his wife.


Past productions


1964/ Franco Zeffirelli's Hamlet

1969/ Oedipus Rex, directed by Giorgio De Lullo

1989/ Memoirs of Hadrian, directed by Maurizio Scaparro





1951/ Lorenzaccio, directed by Raffaello Pacini

1952/ Youth on trial, directed by Ferruccio Cerio

1952/ Art. 519 Penal Code, directed by Leonardo Cortese

1952/ Don Camillo, not credited, directed by Julien Duvivier

1953/ Weights of Venice, directed by Gian Paolo Callegari

1953/ The merchant of Venice, directed by Pierre Billon

1954/ Betrayed, directed by Mario Bonnard

1954/ Delirium, directed by Pierre Billon and Giorgio Capitani

1954/ Shadow Men, directed by Francesco De Robertisi and Odoardo Fiory

1957/ The White Nights by Luchino Visconti

1959/ The idiot, written, directed by Giacomo V

1960/ Red lips, directed by Giuseppe Bennati

1961/ Death of a bandit, by Giuseppe Amato

1961/ last year at Marienbad, directed by Alain Resnais

1962/ The Red, directed by Helmut Kautner

1962/ Eva, directed by Joseph Losey

1963/ Secret Violence, directed by Giorgio Moser

1965/ Dante's Life, directed by Vittorio Cottafavi

1967/ I Married You for Allegria, directed by Luciano Salce

1968/ Caroline Mon Cheri, directed Deny de La Patellière

1970/ Gradiva, directed by Giorgio Albertazzi

1971/ This filthy marvellous world, directed by Mino Loy and Luigi Scattini

1972/ The assassination of Trotsky, directed by Joseph Losey

1974/ The night, directed by Tonino Cervi

1974/ 5 Women for the killer, directed by Stelvio Massi

1975/ Mark the COP, directed by Stelvio Massi

1981/ George Sand, directed by Giorgio Albertazzi

1988/ The Angels of Power, tv film directed by Giorgio Albertazzi

1985/ All years once a year, directed by Gianfrancesco Lazotti

1966/ Fatal Frames – Frames Mortals, directed by The Party

1998/ Crime against Crime, directed by Aldo Florio

1999/ They called them .... Bandits! directed by Pasquale Sallal

2001/ All the knowledge in the world, directed by Eros Puglielli

2003/ Lawyer De Gregorio, directed by Pasquale Sallal

2004/ Now and forever, directed by Vincenzo Verdecchi

2006/ AD Project, home video, directed by Eros Puglielli

2008/ Anger, directed by Louis Black

2011/ Some people say No, directed by Giovambattista Avellino

2016/ Antonio syndrome

2016/ Romantic Adventure, directed by David Carrillo





Crime and punishment, directed by Franco Enriquez

Spectra, by Mario Ferrero

Piccolo Mondo Antico

The Idiot

Dante's Life, directed by Vittorio Cottafavi

Don Giovanni, directed by Vittorio Cottafavi

Jekyll, directed by Giorgi Albertazzi

Almayer's folly, directed by Vittorio Cottafavi

Philo Vance, directed by Marco Leto

Passions, directed by Fabrizio Costa

The Rival, directed by Alain Nahum

The House of The Beffe,directed by Pier Francesco Pingitore