Franca Maria Norsa in Arte Franca Valeri

(Milan, 31 July 1920)



Franca Valeri second child of a Milanese family, daughter By Luigi Norsa And Cecilia Valagotti.

The Father Of Franca Valeri is of Jewish religion, then a mixed marriage: The mother, Catholic, was initially ill-seen by the relatives of the future husband, but the arrival of the firstborn convinces the mother-in-law to consent to the marriage. Franca grows up attending the drama Theatre and is also passionate about musical operatic theatre. He Spends his childhood in Milan, Riccione, Venice and Switzerland, for the long summer holidays. Actress attends the Liceo Parini in section C, the only one in which English is taught. His classmate and friend at that time is Silvana Mauri Ottieri, grandson of Valentino Bompiani, who, after moving to Milan in those years had founded the publishing house Bompiani. The racial laws of 1938, like all the other Italian Jews, deprive the family Valeri certain fundamental rights. The darkest period after 8 September 1943. Her father and brother found refuge in Switzerland. Franca, remained in Milan with his mother, an employee of the registry office survives thanks to deportations that releases a fake identity card, which transforms it into the illegitimate daughter of Cecilia Pernetta. During World War II Franca becomes friends with Camilla Cederna, Lodovico Belgiojoso, Gian Luigi Banfi, said "yo Beez wax", Ernesto Rogers, Aurel Peressuti, and other intellectuals. Franca begins to work in the theatre in 1947 with the personage of Lea who falls in love with a Jewish rabbi Lebowitz, later will be part of the theatre company was formed by Alberto Gobbi teatra Bonucci, Vittorio Caprioli and Luciano Salce which will replace Alberto Ballard.The company in 1949 he moved to Paris and take the Carnet de notes # 1 and 2, works that offer a satirical sketch series on contemporary society without sets and costumes. In Paris the company performs in a small theater of the Latin quarter. In the 1950s, he began his career as a film actress with Federico Fellini, with movie lights of variety, will follow a long line of comedies, often alongside Alberto Sordi and toto. In the 1960s, is directed by Vittorio Caprioli in Leoni al soleParigi o cara, sorry facciamo l'amore?, also dedicates the dubbing. Valeri also participates in many television shows of the era including Studio one, Saturday nightFranca Valeri was married to film and theater actor and Director, Vittorio Caprioli, the two know each other in the 1940s, while Franca recites his monologues in Paris and get married in Ventimiglia, on 6 January 1960. Then Franca will be linked for ten years the conductor Maurizio Rinaldi. In 2010 he was awarded honorary honrem in letters, in 2011 supports the occupation of the Hall Arrigoni in the San Lorenzo district in Rome with Sabina Guzzanti. The stage name Franca Valeri is chosen at the suggestion of friend Silvana Ottieri, that that time was reading a book by poet Paul Valery.




Caterina Di Dio By Giovanni Testori


Lea Lebowitz written and Directed By Alessandro Fersen


A curious accident By Carlo Goldoni, Directed By Sergio Tofano


Think About Giacomino By Luigi Pirandello, Directed By Sergio Tofano


Bonaventura Veterinarian by force, written and Directed By Sergio Tofano


Henry Becque's Parisian , Directed By Giorgio Strehler


Carnet De Notes 1, written and Directed By Valeri-Caprioli-Bonucci, Curated By Luciano Mondolfo


I have two words to tell you About Jean Pierre delage And Franca Valeri


Fior di pea By Edouard bourdet, Directed By Giuseppe Patron Griffi


Untitled written and Directed By Franca Valeri


Once in the life Of Moss Hart And George Kaufman, Directed By Giuseppe Patroni Griffi


Tosca and two others By Franca Valeri, Directed By Giorgio Ferrara, With Adriana Asti


Sisters but only two By Franca Valeri, Directed By Aldo Terlizzi


Mal Di Madre By Pierre Oliver Scotto, Directed By Patrick Rossi gastaldi, With Urbano Barberini


Alcohol written and Directed By Adriana Asti


Possession Of Abraham B. Yehoshua, Directed By Toni Bertorelli, With Urbano Barberini


The widow of Socrates


Les Bonnes By Jeane Gente, Directed By Giuseppe Marini, With Anna Maria guarnieri And Patrizia Zappa Mulas


Carnet de notes 2008 By Franca Valeri, Curated By Giuseppe Marini, With Pino Strabioli


Oh my God!, Directed By Daniele falleri, With Urbano Barberini


The money, Humorous Evening on wealth with Franca Valeri with Gabriella Franchini


Parliamone, Directed By Franca Valeri


The change of the horses, Directed By Giuseppe Marini




Lights of the variety, Directed By Federico Fellini And Alberto Lattuada


The two sergeants, Directed By Carlo Alberto Chiesa


Just for You Lucia, Directed By Franco Rossi


Totò In Colori, Directed by Steno


Villa Borghese, Directed By Vittorio De Sica And Gianni Franciolini


These Ghosts, Directed By Eduardo De Filippo


Le Ladies of 04, directed by Gianni Franciolini


A hero of our times, Directed By Mario Monicelli


Small Post, Directed by Steno


The sign Of Venus, Directed By Dino Risi


The Bigamist, directed by Luciano Emmer


Husbands in the city, Directed By Luigi Comencini


The girl of the Palio, Directed By Luigi Zampa


The Moralist, directed by Giorgio Bianchi


The widower, Directed By Dino Risi


Arrange yourself!, Directed By Mauro Bolognini


Do not lose the head, Directed By Mario Mattoli


Husbands in Distress, Directed By Mauro Morassi


Crimen, Directed By Mario Camerini


Leoni in the Sun, Directed By Vittorio mastrocinque


Paris o Cara, Directed By Vittorio Caprioli


The Honourable, Directed By Sergio Corbucci


The little hand Of Fatma, episode I shattered Hearts, Directed by Vittorio Caprioli


The shortest day, Directed By Sergio Corbucci


The Maniacs, Directed By Lucio Fulci


The girl of Bersagliere, Directed By Alessandro Blasetti


Me , Me, me... and others, directed By Alessandro Blasetti


Excuse me, let's Make love?, Directed By Vittorio Caprioli


Justlook at it, Directed By Luciano salce


On the day of The Lord, Directed By Bruno Corburcci


Ettore Lo Keg, Directed By Enzo G. Castellari


Last Tango In Zagarolo, Directed By Nando Cicero


The lady plays well to broom?, Directed By Giuliano Carnimeo


Italy is broken, Directed by Steno


How I kidnap you, the Pupo, Directed By Lucio De Caro


Thanks a lot, goodbye, Directed By Mauro Ivaldi


La rip-off, directed by Luciano Ercoli


There goes the cat to the lard... Directed by Marco Aleandri


I don't know you anymore love, Directed By Sergio Corbucci


C'est pas moi, c'est lui, Directed By Pierre Richard


A first class love, Directed By Salvatore samperi


Paulo Roberto Cotechiño striker of Breakthrough, directed by Nando Cicero


Tosca and two others, Directed By Giorgio Ferrara


Felicita Colombo, FILM for TV, Directed By Antonello Falqui


Balorde Women, screenplay, Directed By Giacomo Colli


Yes, vengeance... Written in four episodes, directed by Mario Ferrero, screenplay by Franca Valeri


In the World Of Alice, written in four episodes, Directed By Guido Stangaro, With Milena Vukotic


Father takes wife, Directed By Ninni Salerno


Norma And Felice, television series, Directed By Giorgio Vignalli


Dear Maestro, television series, Directed By Rossella Izzo


Dear Maestro 2, Directed By Rossella Izzo


Like when it rains, miniseries, Directed By Mario Monicelli


Linda and the Brigadier, in the Part of OLGA, TV series in the Episodes, the thief Of Chickens, Crime at The Opera, the fate of the brigadier, a trap for Linda



Television Variety Rai


1956 – Idillio peasant, directed by Antonello Falqui


1957 – The Queen and I, Directed By Antonello Falqui


1959 – The Divine


1966 – Studio Uno, Directed By Antonello Falqui


1967 – Saturday evening, Directed By Antonello Falqui


1969 – Tonight, Directed By Antonello Falqui


1974 – Wine, Wisky and chewing – gum


1976 – My Way


1978 – Videosera, special steak, salad, Program By Claudio Barbati And Francesco Bartolini


1980 – Studio 80


1980-We play the variety


1982 – Face Powder


1982-1993 – Two of Everything, Directed By Enzo Trapani


1993 – Magazine 3 On Rai Tre


1998 – the Heart mail


Radio Programs


The Nutcracker, by And With Alberto Bonucci, Franca Valeri And Vittorio Caprioli, Directed By Nino Melone


The Women Of James Thurber, Curated By Raffaele La capria, With Franca Valeri, Vittorio Caprioli, And Alberto Bonucci, Directed By Gian Domenico Giagni


On the beaches of Luna, di e Con Luciano Salce, Franca Valeri, Vittorio Caprioli, Armando Trovajoli Orchestra


Of so Many beats, radiotre radio program




The sign Of Venus, Directed By Dino Risi


Leoni in the Sun, Directed By Vittorio Caprioli


Paris o Cara, Directed By Vittorio Caprioli


Excuse me, let's Make love?, Directed By Vittorio Caprioli


The Secret Man, documentary, directed By Id Nino Bizzarri


The man with a Crooked mouth, documentary, Directed By Emanuele salce


Franca la Prima, documentary tribute to the actress, Directed By Sabina Guzzanti


An Italian comedy that does not laugh, short films


Alberto Il Grande, Directed By Carlo Verdone, Documentary