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Flora Carosello

Milan, 5 July 1920 – 8 July 2015 Rome



 Italian actress and voice actress, also credited as Flora Carosella and Flora Carussello.





1956/ The Knight of the Black Sword, directed by Ladislao Kish 

1956/ Maruzzella, directed by Luigi Capuano

1958/ Smiles and songs, directed by Luigi Capuano 

1959/ The conspiracy of the Borgias, by Antonio Racioppi 

1961/ His Excellency stopped to eat, directed by Mario Mattoli 

1961/ Swords without a flag, by Carlo Veo 

1963/ Metempsyco, directed by Antonio Boccaci; credited as Elizabeth Queen

1966/ Django, directed by Sergio Corbucci 

1969/ Italians! Are prohibited from using the lavatory during the stops, directed by Vittorio Sindoni 

1969/ The boys in the massacre, directed by Fernando di Leo 

1970/ The two most beetles crazy of the world, directed by Giuseppe Orlandini 

1970/ Try to understand me, directed by Mariano Laurenti 

1970/ A man named Joe Apocalypse, directed by Leopoldo Savona 

1971/ The clan of two Fedoras, directed by Giuseppe Orlandini 

1974/ Paul the Cold, directed by Ciccio Ingrassia 

1974/ The hot spot, directed by Franz Marischka 

1974/ The balloon vendor, directed by Mario Gariazzo 

1975/ Ah yes? And I tell Zzzzorro!, directed by Franco Lo Cascio 

1975/ The town turned upside down: chase the kidnappers, directed by Fernando di Leo 

1976/ Free dangerous armed, directed by Romolo Guerrieri 

1976/ Nick Hezard's Friends, directed by Fernando di Leo 

1976/ The landlord, directed by Mariano Laurenti 

1978/ Being 20 years old, directed by Fernando di Leo 

1987/ Teresa, Dino Risi 

1992/ But do you love me?, directed by Marcello Fondato and Nancy Founded 

1992/ Acquitted for committing the fact, by Alberto Sordi 

1992/ My son has 70 years, directed by Giorgio Capitani 



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