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Enzo/Vincenzo Cannavale 

(Castellamare di Stabia, 5 April 1928 – Napoli,18 March 2011)


Enzo was a clerk at the post office, is discovered by Eduardo De Filippo, with his ironic and comic verve becomes a skilled character actor, appeared in numerous films of the 1970s and 1980s its maximum visibility with Bud Spencer movies, where Enzo plays the part of Brigadier General Cameron in Piedone lo sbirro, Flatfoot in Hong Hong, is a fluffy little biographer in the film Soldier of fortune always with Bud Spencer. He died in 2011 due to a cardiac arrest.





Yvonne la Nuit (1949)

Lion in the Sun (1961)

Operation San Gennaro (1966)

Tonight I Throwmyself (1967)

Once Upon a Time... ( 1967)

Chimera (1968)

Operation Richezza (1968)

Zum Zum Zum (1968)

Midnight of Love (1970)

Things of Cosa Nostra (1971)

By Grace Received (1971)

Theft is the soul of commerce?..., directed by Bruno Corbucci (1971)

Rome Well (1971)

Trastevere (1971)

White, Red and... ( 1972)

Alfredo, Alfredo (1972)

Camorra (1972)

Sgarro to the Camorra (1973)

Piedone the Cop (1973)

The Lady Plays Good Broom? ( 1974)

The Trafficker (1974)

Professor Be Accompanied by His Parents (1974)

The Domestic (1974)

That Movement I Like So Much (1975)

The High School (1975)

The Teacher (1975)

Piedone in Hong Kong (1975)

Virgin, and Named Mary (1975)

Beware of the Buffoon (1975)

My Father's Private Secretary (1976)

The Rentalrooms (1976)

The Soldier of Fortune (1976)

Orazi and Curazi 3 – 2 (1977)

Dear Bride (1977)

Taxi Girl (1977)

Naples Rebels (1977)

The Tenant upstairs (1978)

Gegè Bellavita (1978)

Anti-Mafia Team (1978)

How to lose a wife and find a mistress,directed by Pasquale Festa Campanile

Piedone the African (1978)

The Wedding Ring (1978)

Liquorice (1979)

Anti-gangsters team (1979)

The Clumsy (1979)

Riccardo Frinzi Agency... practically detective (1979)

John Travolto, by an Unusual Fate(1979)

The Casino (1980)

Piedone of Egypt (1980)

A Love in First Class (1980)

The White Week (1980)

Wild Race (1980)

Casta and Pure (1981)

The Husband on Vacation (1981)

All to discover (1981)

The Week at the Sea (1981)

A Cactus Vacation (1981)

Murder at the Chinese Restaurant (1981)

A Casinois Strong (1982)

Oath (1982)

The Paramedic (1982)

Please, Take care of Amelia (1982)

You Know the Last onthe Mad? (1982)

The World's Craziest Submarine (1982)

Sturmtruppen 2 – All at the Front ( 1982)

Evicted Seeks Fair House Canon (1983)

A jeans and a T-shirt (1983)

The Disco (1983)

The Fan, the Referee and the Footballer (1983)

The Country Boy (1984)

My Friends III (1985)

Summer Vacation (1985)

The Ways of the Lord Are Over (1987)

Dare to Speak (1987)

December 32 (1988)

The House of Smiles (1988)

Man sprich deutsch (1988)

If Gragiulo Discovers It (1988)

New Cinema Paradiso (1988)

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (1990)

The Comedies (1990)

Sentenced to Marriage (1993)

Pack, Double Pack and Counter-Pack (1993)

Thieves Is Born (1997)

Love at First Sight (1999)

Man of Fortune (2000)

South Seas (2001)

I Saw the Stars! ( directed by Vincenzo Salemme (2003)

The Monsters Today (2009)





Peppino Girella,directed by Eduardo De Filippo

Well my core my

The Mayor Of Sanity Ward

FBI – Francesco Bertolazzi Investigator

The Adventures of Pinocchio,directed by Luigi Comencini

Sponsor City

Casa Capozzi – Sit com

The Foxes of the Night


A son in the middle a year later

Hawkeye,directed by Vittorio De Sisti

Crazy Family 2

Fairytaledirected by Fabrizio De Angelis

Thieves are born


Inspector Righteous

Three stars

I'm not the eta

Francesca and Nunziata

I'm not the eta  

The Chef's Murders – Episode The Dead Are Not Scary