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Enzo Andronico

Palermo, 13 December 1924 – 26 September 2002



In 1944 after a long frequentation of artists ' Bar in Palermo, he founded with his friend Ibu Scampering Trio that debuted in Termini Imerese. The Trio, thanks to a certain fame conquered Sicily, will perform at the North, starting from Turin, participating in several shows and in provincial theatres. Reached the popularity, he was able to enter the world of cinema, where he debuted talking The Calfs  by Federico Fellini, but copyright is an left irrelevant: for the general public, it will be the most famous shoulder of Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia, becoming a fixture in their films of great popular success. It is in fact present in almost all their films, from Two Samurai percent Gheishe of 1962 in the vigilante noon of 1975 until you get on TV with variety two boys Incorrigiblea man so funnyThat BlunderRisatissima

His characters are often nervous and full of ICT, villani, eyebrows and spectacles seem drawn on his face along with the goatee, the smile is often a sadistic grin. Ending cinematic collaboration with the famous Sicilian duo toward the end of the 1970s, over time became one of the most talented and prolific characteristic of Italian cinema, starring in numerous cult movie of Sexy comedy and early 1980s, but also in several productions of the detective story. Unfortunately Enzo Andronico had to appoint does not carry very well. Curiously, in the film Paulo Roberto Cotechio Breaktrough interprets such a hobo. Enzo was also a voice actor, specializing in Japanese cartoons. In 2002 he died in Palermo after finishing filming roundtrip 





1953/ I Vitelloni

1962/ 2 Samurai to 100 Gheishe

1964/ Two mafiamen in the Far West

1964/ The two Escapees from Sing Sing

1964/ 002 top secret Agents

1965/ The Children of the Leopard

1965/ Latin lovers

1965/ The two Sergeants of General Custer

1965/ Two Mafiosi against Goldfinger

1965/ 002 Operation Moon

1965/ The Two Parà

1965/ Venus in the Sun

1965/ The two Bullfighters

1966/ Free beach 

1966/ 2 Mafiosi Against Al Capone  

1966/ How we get rid of the bank of Italy

1966/ Password: kill agent Gordon

1966/ The two sons of Ringo

1967/ How We Stole the Atomic Bomb

1967/ The Long, The Short, the Cat 

1967/ The good, the bad, and the jerk  

1967/ Two Ringos in Texas

1967/ Barbers of Sicily

1967/ The Zanzaroni

1968/ Italian Secret Service

1968/ Franco, Ciccio and the Cheerful Widows

1968/ Kill you! ... Recommended to God

1968/ Nephews of Zorro

1968/ The two Crusaders

1968/ The Fire 2

1968/ I 2 Deputies

1968/ Shoot Gringo, Spara

1969/ Isabella Duchess of The Devils

1969/ Pure Since an Angel Dad made me Monaco of Monza

1969/ Franco, Ciccio and the pirate Blackbeard

1969/ Eros and Thanatos 

1970/ The Most Beautiful Wife

1970/ Don Franco and Don Ciccio in the year of the Contest  

1970/ The two Magicians of the balloon

1970/ The two craziest Beetles of the world

1970/ Two white men in black Africa

1971/ But What Master Music

1971/ The investigation is closed: Forget

1971/ The two pieces from 90

1971/ The two axes of the Glove

1971/ ... Sorry She pays taxes

1971/ The Clan of Two Fedoras

1972/ Seven Orchids stained red

1972/ Trinity and Sartana Sons of ... directed by Mario Siciliano

1972/ Forbidden Decameron ( Boccaccio my Statte Zitto ) 

1972/ That what happened between My father and your mother?

1972/ Alleluja and Sartana Sons of ...

1972/ History of Fifa and Knife – Er Followed d'er more

1972/ The two nine-tailed cats ... and Half in Amsterdam

1972/ Continued to call them the world's craziest drivers

1973/ Ku-Fu? From Sicily with fury

1973/ The grieving widow wishes to thank those who Cheer

1973/ Sergeant Ebay

1974/ Innocence and Disturbance

1974/ Flying squad

1974/ Leg the Policeman

1974/ Mrs. plays well at broom?

1974/ Uncle's Inheritance of the late lamented

1975/ The Family Vice

1975/ A Virgin in the family

1975/ Sergeant Ebay Becomes ... Corporal

1975/ Death wish by Noon

1976/ Here's silver tongue

1976/ Rome, the other face of violence

1976/ Italy at gunpoint  

1976/ The beautiful countrywoman

1977/ Doctor Under the Sheet

1977/ Kakkientruppen

1979/ Death on the Tiber

1979/ Excuse me is this normal?

1979/ The Nurse in milestones lane

1980/ The country doctor

1981/ 6969 Calls: Taxi for Mrs.

1981/ My wife goes back to school

1981/ Honorable with mistress under the bed

1981/ A policewoman in New York

1981/ Pierino on Cool

1981/ The Carabbimatti

1982/ Pierino the Plague at the Rescue  

1982/ That Pierina Plague

1982/ W the Seal

1982/ Murder on the highway

1982/ Grand Hotel Excelsior

1982/ W the Seal

1983/ Margot, the Pupa of the Villa next door  

1983/ Paulo Roberto Donadoni being appointed, brick-busting centre-forward

1983/ The Devil and the Holy Water

1983/ At the Sports Bar  

1984/ Dance Music

1985/ Arrived my brother

1993You Broke Daddy

1999/ Boom

2001/ The Knights Who Made the Feat

2002/ Round trip