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Ennio Balbo

Naples, 18 April 1922 – 18 June 1989


Ennio Balbo was used for social security, but in the meantime he cultivated a passion for theatre with his wife Dora Calindri, acted on stage together to Lamberto Picasso, Gino Cervi, Turi Ferro Franco Eneriquez, and Renzo Giovampietro farm. Ennio has also been a voice actor, he voiced several films and cartoons.      In the 1980s was the voice actor of various telenovelas such as Evil (voice of Ernesto Alonso) and the rich also cry (father Adrian). As an actor he also played serie B films, spaghetti western movies, crime movies.





1961 A difficult life, directed by Dino Risi

1962 A Queen for Caesar, directed by Piero Pierotti

1962 The Commissioner, directed by Luigi Comencini

1963 Catherine of Russians in, directed by Umberto Lenzi

1963 Corruption, directed by Umberto Lenzi

1965 5 tombe per un medium, directed by Massimo Pupillo

1965 Sette uomini d'Oro, directed by Marco Vicario

1965 Sette uomini d'Oro, directed by Marco Vicario

1965 Casanova ' 70, directed by Mario Monicelli

1965 Today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow, directed by Eduardo De Filippo, Marco Ferreri and Luciano Salce

1965 La donna del lago, directed by Luigi Bazzoni

1965 007 Agent from the Orient with fury, directed by Sergio Grieco

1966 Spies kill in silence, directed by Mario Caiano

1966 Master stroke in the service of his Britannic Majesty, directed by Michele Lupo

1966 Excuse me, are you for or against?, by Alberto Sordi

1967 The big hit of 7 men of gold, by Marco Vicario

1967 Has anyone betrayed, directed by Franco Prosperi

1967 Day of anger, directed by Tonino Valerii

1967 The two faces of dollar, directed by Roberto Bianchi Montero

1967 From Berlin the Apocalypse, by Mario Maffei

1968 Il giorno della civetta, directed by Damiano Damiani

1968 Kidnapping, directed by Gianfranco Mingozzi

1968 The damn day of fire, directed by Paolo Bianchini

1968 La pecora nera, directed by Luciano Salce

1968 The gunfighter marked by God, directed by Giorgio Ferroni

1969 Django the bastard, directed by Sergio Garrone

1969 Childhood, vocation, first experiences of Giacomo Casanova, veneziano, directed by Luigi Comencini

1969 The appointment, directed by Sidney Lumet

1970 Nini Tirabusciò, la donna che inventò la mossa, directed by Marcello Fondato

1970 Rendezvous with dishonour, directed by Adriano Bolzoni

1973 La polizia sta a guardare, directed by Roberto Infascelli

1973 Anna, quel particolare piacere, directed by Giuliano Carnimeo

1974 Year one, directed by Roberto Rossellini

1975 Rome drugged the police cannot intervene, Lucio Marcaccini

1975 The police intervenes: orders to kill, directed by Giuseppe Rosati

1975 The engagement, directed by Giovanni Grimaldi

1976 Why uccide un magistrato, directed by Damiano Damiani

1976 Performers, directed by Maurizio Lucidi

1976 Bestiality, directed by Peter Skerl

1978 Sette uomini d'Oro in space, directed by Alfonso Brescia

1989 Happy, directed by Gianfresco Lazotti




1969 La pisana

1961 Il caso Maurizius

1962 An American tragedy

1963 Sleeping beauty

1963 Luisa Sanfelice

1965 A child

1964 Mille francs reward

1964 Maigret inquiries

1965 La figlia del capitano

1967 Sheridan, homicide

1968 The Dreyfus affair

1968 The Chessman case

1971 Here flying squad

1978 Wrongly and rightly so

1978 Technique of a coup: the March on Rome

1978 Stories of camorra

1983 The undersigned Giuseppe Donati to the High Court of Justice