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Charles Bronson (Charles Dennis Buchinsky)

(November 3, 1921 – Los Angeles 30 Ehrenfeld, August 2003)



Charles son of Lithuanian immigrants of Tatar ethnicity, was the eleventh son of fifteen children, half of whom died in infancy, was the only one of the children to finish their education. Charles became orphaned at 10 years old, his father worked in a mine and died of hard labor. Charles was forced to work in a coal mine to support his family, earning very little, worked until World War II broke out. After graduating from high school with many sacrifices, and after several trades, he enlists in the army fighting in World War II. On return he devoted himself to the study of drama in Philadelphia, playing in a theater company. Bronson's first film role was that of a Polish sailor in the movie the Commander Johnny. At the movies plays the role of the Irish cowboy Bernando O'Reilly talking the magnificent seven, later, Lt. Danny Velinsky airfield "Tunnel King" the great escape, both directed by John Sturges. In 1967 she starred in Robert Aldrich's film the dirty dozen, the following year she Teclo in western the guns of San Sebastian by Henri Verneuil. Bronson also works with Sergio Leone film once upon a time in the WestFrom 1974 to 1994 plays the protagonist of the saga death wish NightCharles was married three times, 1949 with Harriet Tendler, 1968 with Jill Ireland, 1998 with Kin Weeks. Charles Bronson died on 30 August 2003 of pneumonia.





1951 Commander Johnny, directed by Henry Hathaway

1951 Omertà, directed by John Sturges

1951 Lights on the asphalt, directed by Robert Parrish

1952 Duel in the forest, directed by Joseph m. Newman

1952 Live together, directed by George Cukor

1952 My six convicts, directed by Hugo Fregonese

1952 Lui e lei, directed by George Cukor

1952 Diplomatic courier, directed by Henry Hathaway

1952 Hurricane on Silver Creek, directed by Lesley Selander

1952 Night Paradise, directed by Harmon Jones

1952 Night clown, directed by Harmon Jones

1953 Crash dive, directed by Lew Landers

1953 Military police, directed by George Marshall

1953 House of wax, directed by André De Toth

1953 Rain, directed by Curtis Bernhardt

1954 The city is off, directed by André De Toth

1954 Tennese Champ, Director Fred. M. Wilcox

1954 The Fiery siege, directed by André De Toth

1954 Apache, directed by Robert Aldrich

1954 Drumbeat, directed by Delmer Daves

1954 Big steal, directed by Robert Aldrich

1955 A handful of criminals, directed by Howard w. Koch

1955 Yellow Shadows, directed by Harmon Jones

1956 Wind of distant lands, directed by Delmer Daves

1957 Run of the arrow, directed by Samuel Fuller

1958 The real Lucky Welsh, directed by Gene Fowler Jr

1958 A handful of dust, directed by Philipp Dunne

1958 The law of Mithras, directed by Roger Corman

1958 Only against the gangsters, directed by Gene Fowler Jr

1958 When hell breaks loose, directed by Kenneth g. Crane

1959 The sacred and the profane, directed by John Stugers

1960 The magnificent seven, directed by John Sturges

1961 Il padrone del mondo, directed by William Witney

1961 The three hundred to Fort Canby, directed by William Witney

1961 The legendary X-15, directed by Richard Donner

1962 The ranch of violence, directed by Arthur Hiller

1962 Forbidden Fist, directed by Phil Karlson

1963 The great escape, directed by John Sturges

1963 The Texas 4, directed by Robert Aldrich

1964 The Californian, directed by Boris Sagal

1965 Sandcastles, directed by Vincente Minnelli

1965 The damn bunch of men

1965 Battle of the bulge, directed by Ken Annakin

1966 This girl is all, directed by Sydney Pollack

1967 The dirty dozen, directed by Robert Aldrich

1968 The guns of San Sebastian, directed by Henri Verneuil

1968 Viva Viva Villa, directed by Buzz Kulik

1968 Two dirty bastards – a robbery, directed by Jean Vautrin

1968 C'era una volta il West, directed by Sergio Leone

1969 Twinky, directed by Richard Donner

1970 Man came from rain, directed by Rene Clèment

1970 To pay of all the flags, directed by Peter Collinson

1970 Violent city, directed by Sergio Sollima

1971 The man with two shadows, directed by Terence Young

1971 Red Sun, directed by Terence Young

1971 Someone behind the door, directed by Nicolas Gessner

1972  Joe Valachi. I segreti di Cosa Nostra, directed by Terence Young

1972 Chato, directed by Michael Winner

1972 The mechanic, directed by Michael Winner

1973 Stone killer, directed by Michael Winner

1973 Valdez the half-breed, directed by John Sturges and Duilio Coletti

1974 Hard-nosed, directed by Richard Fleischer

1974 Il giustiziere della notte, directed by Michael Winner

1975 Ten seconds to escape, directed by Tom Gries

1975 The hero of the road, directed by Walter Hill

1975 I don't believe anyone, directed by Tom Gries

1976 Candidate at the morgue, directed by j. Lee Thompson

1976 From noon till three, directed by Frank d. Gilroy

1977 The Lions of war, directed by Irvin Kershner

1977 The White Buffalo, directed by j. Lee Thompson

1977 Telefon, directed by Don Siegel

1979 Crossfire, directed by Stuart Rosenberg

1980 Caboblanco, directed by j. Lee Thompson

1980 Borderline, directed by Jerrold Freedman

1981 Wild Hunt, directed by Peter Hunt

1981 Death wish 2 night, directed by Michael Winner

1983 Ten minutes to midnight, directed by j. Lee Thompson

1984 Profession vigilante, directed by j. Lee Thompson

1985 Death wish 3 night, directed by Michael Winner

1986 Murphy's law, directed by j. Lee Thompson

1987 Assassination, directed by Peter Hunt

1987 Death wish 4 night, directed by j. Lee Thompson

1988 Death message, directed by j. Lee Thompson

1989 Forbidden subjects, directed by j. Lee Thompson

1991 Lone Wolf, directed by Sean Penn

1993 Convoy Busters, directed by Rod Holcomb

1994 Death wish 5 night, directed by Allan Goldstein



Television Filmography


1956 Alfred Hitchcock presents TV series

1958 Gunsmoke TV series

1958 Man with a Camera, TV series

1961 Twilight zone, TV series

1964 Bonanza TV series

1995 Suspicions in the family (TV)

1997 Suspects in family 2 (TV)

1999 Suspects in family 3 (TV)



Charles Bronson was voiced by:


Pino Locchi in The Californian, violent city, the mechanic, hard-nosed, Profession vigilante, the man with two shadows, Caboblanco, from noon to 3, Someone behind the door, the sign of Justice, I don't think anyone, Lone Wolf, Wind of distant lands, battle of the bulge Twinky, the law of the gun.


Glauco Onorato in When hell breaks loose, the magnificent seven, 4 for Texas, sand castles, this girl is all, Telefon, Two dirty carrion, a robbery, Murphy's law, Assassination, death wish 5 night


Giuseppe Rinaldi in Stone's killer, Valdez, The half-breed, borderline, there was a time in the West, the White Buffalo, Il giustiziere della notte, Joe Valachi. The secrets of the Cosa nostra, rain


Bruno Losti n The city off, Shadows yellow, Vera Cruz, the great escape


Renato Turi in Apache, death wish 2 night, the master of the world


Renzo Montagnani in  The pay of all the flags and ten seconds to escape, The Herod of the road.


Marcello Tusco in Death wish 3, suspicious family night


Renzo Palmer in Red Sun


Dario Pens in Chato, the true story of Lucky Welsh


Bruno Alexander in Crossfire


Nino Pavese in The siege of fire


Mario Pisu in Drum roll


Gualtiero De Angelis in A handful of criminals


Ferruccio Amendola in Sacred and profane


Manlio Busoni in Run of the arrow


Natalino Libralesso in Death wish 4 night


Sergio German, in The three hundred to Fort Canby


Renato Mori in The morgue


Renzo Stacchi in Wild Hunt


Romano Malaspina in The Lions of war


Saverio Moriones in Catfish


Aldo Giuffrè at The guns of San Sebastian


Elio Zamuto in That damn bunch of men


Ivan Staccioli in Viva! Viva Villa!


Riccardo Garrone in the dirty dozen


Michele Gammino talking death wish night 2 (Ridopiaggio)


Sergio Rossi in Ten minutes to midnight