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Carlo Croccolo

Napoli, 9 December 1927/ 9 Aprile 2019



He began his career in 1950, playing on the radio comedy Don Cedeno enjoying the Sun

The cinema has played approximately 118 films, in 1671 he wrote and directed the movie western pistol for hundred crosses and Black Killer, signing as Lucky Moore. Croccolo has also worked as a voice actor lending his voice to Oliver Hardy (after Alberto Sordi) and in toto. 

In 1977 he led the broadcast On BorsacchiottoIn 2010 she participated in the fiction Capri as Dr Fisher 






1950/ The Earl of St. Elmo, directed by Guido Brignone

1950/ 47 dead speaking, directed by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia

1950/ Totò Tarzan, directed by Mario Mattoli

1950/ l'Elusive 12, directed by Mario Mattoli

1950/ The cadets of Gascony, directed by Mario Mattoli

1950/ Toto Sheikh, directed by Mario Mattoli

1951/ Made 13, directed by Darryl Manzoni

1951/ Wishes and sons, directed by Giorgio Simonelli

1951/ The eternal chain, directed by Anton Giulio Majano

1951/ Revenge... Sardinian, directed by Mario Mattoli

1951/ Liberty, directed by Duilio Coletti

1951/ Tonight strike, directed by Mario Bonnard

1951/ Cycling beauties, directed by Carlo Campogalliani

1951/ Here come our, directed by Mario Mattoli

1951/ Premium license, directed by Max Neufeld

1951/ The Caiman of the Piave, directed by Giorgio Bianchi

1951/ Fear is 90, directed by Giorgio Simonelli

1951/ Tizio, Caio, Sempronio, directed by Marcello Marchesi and Vittorio Metz

1952/ first prize: Mariarosa, directed by Sergio Grieco

1952/ Husband Girls, directed by Eduardo De Filippo

1952/ The eternal chain Majano, directed by Anton Giuilio

1952/ That's not true... but I believe it, directed by Sergio Grieco

1953/ We're all milan esthe, directed by Mario Landi

1954/ Variety, episode Cuttica, directed by Domenico Paolella

1954/ Here, beyond the Piave, directed by Guido Leoni

1954/ Poverty and nobility, directed by Mario Mattoli

1954/ Axes in the limelight, directed by Ferdinando Baldi and Giorgio Cristallini

1954/ Red and black, directed by Domenico Paolella

1955/ Penguins are watching us, directed by Guido Leoni

1955/ Funniest show in the world, directed by Mario Mattoli

1955/ Altair, directed by Leonardo De Mitri

1956/ Toto leaves or doubles?, directed by Camillo Mastrocinque

1956/ Cerasella, directed by Raffaello Matarazzo

1960/ Gentlemen, you are born, directed by Mario Mattoli

1960/ Appointment in Ischia, by Mario Mattoli

1960/ My friend Jekyll, directed by Marino Girolami

1960/ Trevi Fountain, directed by Carlo Campogalliani

1960/ Wonderful, directed by Carlos Arévalo and Siro Marcellini

1961/ Mina... out the guard, directed by Armando William Tamburella

1961/ Fra' Manisco seeks trouble..., directed by Armando William Tamburella

1961/ 5 Day's lover (L'Amant de cinq jours), directed by Philippe de Broca

1961/ Maciste vs. Hercules in the Valley of Trouble, directed by Mario Mattoli

1961/ Gold fish and silver bikini, directed by Carlo Veo

1962/ Heroes of the double play, directed by Camillo Mastrocinque

1962/ Jessica, directed by Oreste Paolella and Jean Negulesco

1962/ Chronicles of a convent ( The Reluctant Saint ), directed by Edward Dmytryk

1963/ The four Musketeers, directed by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia

1963/ Yesterday, today, tomorrow, episode Adelinadirected by Vittorio De Sica

1964/ The Martians have 12 handsdirected by Castellano e Wilson

1964/ A yellow Rolls-Royce, directed by Anthony Asquith

1965/ I'm not worthy of you, directed by Ettore Maria Fizzarotti

1966/ Meathead, directed by Giancarlo Zagni

1966/ Forgiveness, directed by Ettore Maria Fizzarotti

1966/ Me, I, I ... and others, directed by Alessandro Blasetti

1966/ God, how I love you!, directed by Miguel Iglesias

1966/ Fox hunting, directed by Vittorio De Sica

1966/ How I learned to love the women, directed by Luciano Salce

1968/ Big shot at the Neapolitan, directed by Ken Annakin

1968/ Diabolik, directed by Mario Bava

1969/ Forbidden Diary of Fanny, directed by Sergio Pastore

1971/ A gun for a hundred crosses, directed by Carlo Croccolo

1971/ Black Killer, directed by Carlo Croccolo

1976/ Sneaky steps in an executioner night, directed by Vincenzo Rigo

1976/ The Seminary sisters, directed by Guido Leoni

1976/ Goodnight, ladies and gentlemen, various directors

1977/ Casotto directed by Sergio Citti

1983/ Picone sends me, Director of Nanny Loy

1985/ Maximally folle, directed by Marcello Trojans

1986/ The Chameleon, directed by Giuseppe Tornatore

1989/ Milky way ... the first right, directed by Nini Grassia

1989/ ' O King, directed by Luigi Magni

1990/ In the name of the sovereign people, directed by Luigi Magni

1990/ The miserdirected by Tonino Cervi

1992/ In my room, directed by Luciano Martino

1995/ The sky is always blue, directed by Antonello Grimaldi

1995/ Men men men, directed by Christian De Sica

1995/ Waiters, directed by Leone Pompucci

1995/ Young and beautiful, directed by Dino Risi

1996/ A cold Cold Winter, directed by Roberto Cimpanelli

1996/ Love forever, directed by Richard Attenborough

1997/ Shopping tips, directed by Sandro Baldoni

1997/ Three men and a leg, directed by Massimo Venier and Aldo, John and James

1999/ The traveling salesman, directed by Francesco Dal Bosco

1999/ The Warrior Camillo, directed by Claudio Bigagli

1999/ They called them ... Bandits!, directed by Pasquale Squitieri

1999/ Life, for another time, directed by Domenico Astuti

1999/ Scorched earth, directed by Fabio Segatori

2001/ Each left is lost, directed by Piero Chiambretti

2002/ Love with a capital S, directed by Paolo Costella

2003/ The shopping notebook, directed by Tonino Cervi

2005/ Crazy Things, directed by Vincenzo Salemme

2009/ Italian Dream, directed by Sandro Baldoni

2014/ Holida ... yesterday, today and tomorrow, directed by Lucio Bowl and Fabio Massa





1956/ Bishop, directed by Anton Giulio Majano

1964/ The Gian Burrasca's newspaper, directed by Lina Wertmüller

1966/ The Legion of space, directed by Italo Alfaro

1977/ Commissioner De Vincenzi directed by Mario Ferrero

1980/ A man laughing, directed by Lucio Fulci

1991/ Sea wind, directed by Gianfranco Mingozzi

1966/ Crazy family, directed by Enrico Montesano

1966/ God sees and provides

1966/ Those two above the varano

1997/ A priest among us

1997/ S.P.Q.R., directed by Claudio Risi

1988/ Friends indeed!, directed by Marcello Cesena

1999/ Inspector Righteousdirected by Sergio Martino

2000/ Fly Sciusciù, directed by Joseph Sargent

2000/ How When It Rains Out, directed by Bruno Gaburro

2000/ An ordinary story, directed by Alberto Simone

2001/ A long night, directed by Ilaria Cirino

2001/ Don Matteo

2003/ Deception, directed by Rossella Izzo

2003/ Cinecittà, directed by Alberto Manni

2005/ A family in yellow, directed by Alberto Simone

2006-2010/ Capri





Oliver Hardy to the little rascals; The robbers; A cheat; The legacy, the lie; There is no laughing matter; The circus has failed; Announcement of marriage; Allegri twins; Forced labour; Zenobia; Picnic time; Cello Concerto; The two admirals; Below zero; The hangover; The legacy; Chickens come home; A dangerous rescue; The kidnapped bride; The two Legionnaires; Everything in order; Iron fist; The musical scale; County Hospital; A brilliant idea; Wedding anniversary; Work in progress; Alchemy; The wedding gift; Walking around; Country living; Jealousy; Hog wild.


Stan Laurel to The robbers; The legacy; Forced labour; Picnic time; Hog wild

Toto to The two marshalsTotò diabolicus; Operazione San Gennaro

Pinuccio Ardia to Operation San Gennaro; Bringanti, In– love and freedom

Stelvio Rosi to is name is Donna Rosa; Midnight love affair; Come into being a soldier from us

Vittorio De Sica to The two marshals

Guido Alberti to 8.5

Harry Guardino to Operation San Gennaro

Mario Adorf to Operation San Gennaro; Be good if you can

Nino Taranto to Tonight I'm going to jump

Carlo Taranto to The boy who knew love

Enzo Maggio to I don't protest, I love

Fanfulla to Satyricon

Al Lettieri to Bordella

Helmut Qualtinger to the name of the rose

Pasquale Cajano to Casino

Gegè Di Giacomo to Maruzzella

Abdul Malik to Right half left Half – 2 football players without football

Francesco Mulé to Spies come from the semi-cold

Gerardo Gargiulo and Mario Scaccia to Ferdinand and Carolina

Dallas McKennon to The chest of the seven pearls

Ferdinand Murolo to Tell me that you do everything for me

Francesco Rosi to Come and be a soldier with us

Harry Belafonte to Kansas City

Renato Carosone to Caravan Petrol

Dom DeLuise to A taxi driver in New York

Hercules Cortes to Go kill everybody and come back alone

Gianfranco Barra and Mico Galdieri to If she finds out Gargiulo

Paul Mercey to Enemies ... for skin

Dr. No to Darryl the Prince of Monsters


 He was voiced by:


Carlo Romano to Fra' Manisco Seeks Trouble

Giacomo Furia to Neapolitan Heavy Shot