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Carlo Animals in art Carlo Alighiero

Ostra, 2 February 1927


After completing his studies at the Academy of fine arts in Brera, he enrolled at the Accademia Nazionale d'Arte Drammatica in Rome. From 1953 to 1964 is part of theater companies Vittorio Gassman and Compagnia dei giovani, working at the Teatro Stabile di Bari and at the Teatro Stabile di Trieste. In 1970 the form their own theatre company which later became a cooperative of technicians and actors. In 1985 the Guild acquires majority share of Teatro Manzoni in Rome.


Actor and director


Dear Liars


I don't know you anymore

Puccini e la luna

A woman in mind

The Orange garden

The City of the Sun, text by Tommaso Campanella

Ballad of Tommaso Campanella, written with Mario Moretti

the comedy of art and the Comedy Theatre, by Carlo Goldoni

Fiajano in Rome, written by Arnold Lobel

Harlequin of human bondage

But what is this love




Hamlet of Bacchelli

Two dozen red roses

Sex and jealousy

Force of habit



Tenente Sheridan

Investigations of Maigret

Here flying squad

An American tragedy

And the stars look down

Napoleon on Saint Helena  

Darkness in the Valley

Double Secret





The Teddy Boys' Nights, directed by Leopoldo Savona

Shouters on the stand, directed by Lucio Fulci

22-22 Calls Lt. Sheridan, directed by Giorgio Bianchi

Chronicles of '22, directed by Francesco Cinieri and Guidarino Guidi

The young nun, directed by Bruno Paolinelli

A time to kill, directed by Giuliano Carnimeo

My uncle Benjamin, directed by Eduard Molinaro

An army of 5 men, directed by Don Taylor and Italo Zingarelli

The strange vice of Mrs. Wardh, directed by Sergio Martino

The cat o' nine tails, directed by Dario Argento

Girolimoni, the monster of Rome, directed by Damiano Damiani

Milan trembles: police want justice, directed by Sergio Martino

The city gambles, directed by Sergio Martino

Police charge: The Killand Secret Service, directed by Sergio Martino

Suspicious death of a minor, directed by Sergio Martino

Rome armed to the teeth, directed by Umberto Lenzi

In no man's land, directed by Gianfranco Giagni



He Voiced


Anthony Quinn in The guns of San Sebastian, the Mayor, the man who came in from the cold

Melvyn Douglas in Beyond the garden

Herbert Lom in The dead zone

Laurence Olivier in The last days of Pompeii

James Whitmore in Tora! Tora! Tora!

Harris Yulin in Scarface

William Schallert in The warm night of Virgil Tibbs

Ralph Richardson in The long day's journey into night

Bernard Lee in Agent 007-diamonds are forever

Harold Gouldi in Front page

Dana Elcar in The sting

Edward Binns in The verdict

Onikura in Robin and the 2 and a half Moschiettieri

Large OWL in Brisby and the secret of NIMH