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Asia Aria Anna Maria Vittoria Rossa Argento

Born 20 September 1975



Daughter of famed Director Dario Argento and actress Daria Nocolodi. Flower's stepsister (born from a previous marriage of the Father Dario with Marisa Casale), as well as flower, Asia Argento also had a sister, Anna Ceroli, born from his mother's previous relationship with the sculptor Mario Ceroli, Anna died in 1994 in a crash Road. In 1984 to 9 years he made his debut in the television movie The return of warrior of the dreams and needs, and directed by Cristina Comencini, while the following year Nanni Moretti chose her for the part of daughter of his alter ego Michele Apicella in Red Palombella. His father works in seven films of the horror genre; Devils 2, the Church, Trauma, the Stendhal Syndrome, the Phantom of the Opera, the mother of tears and Dracula 3DWith other filmmakers face the best evidence on the big screen in The bosom buddies and Let's get lost of Vista, where he was awarded the David of Donatello and the Ciak d'Oro, in the role of Saku Paraplegic girl with an exuberant vitality that unmasks the fake story of humanity of a television host looking for human cases to make audience.

In 1994 is one of the three main Italian interpreters (alongside Virna Lisi and Claudio Amendola in the French Blockbuster film Queen Margot of collection by Patrice Chereau, based on the novel of the same name by Alexandre Dumas. 

In 1996 receives a second David of Donatello as best actress for the movie traveling companion, by Peter del Monte, where she played Cora, in charge of tracking an elder and wild-eyed tramp through Italy. As a Director began in 1994, with the short film Prospects, inserted into collective Degeneration and set to music by musician and poetess Erzsebet Beck, and then in the music video for Your tongue on my Heart of Royalize presented at the Locarno Film Festival of 1999. In 2000 he directed his first feature film Scarlet Diva, in which he demonstrates a good familiar in operating the camera, although the film doesn't get the expected success. 

In 2004 he directed in the United States of America the second feature, the heart is deceitful above all things, in which he directs actors of international fame such as Peter Fonda, Winona Ryder and Michael Pitt. Asia Argento is also a writer of short stories and poems, New Age singer, he directed the creepy video AINT Marilyn Manson's album The Golden Age of Grotesque of 2003. In 2007 on the set of the film Go Go Tales, although not foreseen by the script, tongue Kiss passionately a rottweiler dog, an episode that will cause some uproar at the presentation of the film at the Cannes film festival. In 2008 as the voice of Faith Connors, protagonist of the video game Mirro's Edge

From 2000 to 2007 was the companion of singer Morgan with whom she had a daughter (Anna Lou) named by Asia in honor of the missing sister. In 2009 is part of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival. Attended the video still here, Renato Zero album, single Present.                In 2011 participates in fiction on Channel 5 hot blood next to Gabriel Garko. In 2014 back on television with Gabriel Garko in fiction Rudolph ValentinoIn addition, he directed a short film for the collection of designer Ludovica Amati. In 2013 runs short of March with actor Yari Gugliucci. On 29 April 2013 released the album Total Entropy. On 20 September of 2013 heads the French actress Charlotte Gaisbourg and the actor Gabriel Garko Misunderstood  film. 

In 2016 takes to transmitting dancing under the stars, from 3 November 2016 takes the conduct of transmitting criminal love.   





1986/ Demons 2 ... The nightmare returns, directed by Lamberto Bava

1988/ Zoo, directed by Cristina Comencini

1989/ The Church, directed by Michele Soavi

1989/ Palombella Rossa, by Nanni Moretti

1992/ Friends of the Heart, directed by Michele Placido

1993/ Trauma, directed by Dario Argento

1993/ Sentenced to Marriage, directed by Giuseppe Piccioni

1994/ Let's get lost of Vista, directed by Carlo Verdone

1994/ Degeneration (episode Perspectives ), directed by Asia Argento

1994/ La Reine Margot, directed by Patrice Chereau

1996/ The Stendhal Syndrome, directed by Dario Argento

1996/ The sky is always blue, directed by Antonello Grimaldi

1996/ Travelling companion, directed by Peter Del Monte

1997/ Purple KissEs All, directed by Giovanni Veronesi

1998/ New Rose Hotel, directed by Abel Ferrara

1998/ B. Monkey – A Woman to Save, directed by Michael Radford

1998/ The Phantom of the Opera, directed by Dario Argento

2000/ Scarlet Diva, directed by Asia Argento

2001/ Love Bites – the bite of dawn, directed by Antoine de Caunes

2001/ The Absinthe, directed by Asia Argento

2002/ Red Siren, directed by Olivier Megaton

2002/ XXX, directed by Rob Cohen

2002/ Ginostra, directed by Manuel Pradal

2004/ The Keeper

2004/ The heart is deceitful above all things, directed by Asia Argento

2005/ Land of the dead, directed by George a. Romero

2006/ Marie Antoinette, directed by Sofia Coppola

2006/ Transylvania, by Tony Gatlif

2007/ Boarding Gate, by Olivier Assayas

2007/ Une Viellie Mâitresse, directed by Cahterine Breillat

2007/ The mother of tears, directed by Dario Argento

2007/ Go Go Tales, directed by Abel Ferrara

2008/ De la Guerre, directed by Bertrand Bonello

2009/ Diamond 13, directed by Gille Bèhat

2011/ Kissed by luck, directed by Paolo Costella

2011/ Drifters, directed by Matteo Rovere

2011/ Horses, directed by Michele Rho

2011/ Islands, directed by Stefano Chiantini

2012/ Dracula 3D, directed by Dario Argento

2012/ Do not Disturb, directed by Yvan Attal

2013/ Shongram Munsur 

2013/ Cadence Obstinèes, directed by Fanny Ardant





1985/ The return of warrior, episode of Dreams and needs, directed by Sergio Citti

1987/ Yellow Christmas, television series episode Nightshift, directed by Luigi Cozzi

2000/ Les Misérables, miniseries, directed by Josèe Dayanes

2004/ Milady, directed by Josèe

2011/ Hot blood, TV series, directed by Luigi Parisi and Alessio Idowu

2013/ Mafiosa Le Clan, TV series, directed by Hugeuens Pagan

2014/ Rudolph Valentino-legend, TV miniseries, directed by Alessio Idowu



Short films


1999/ Your tongue on my Heart, directed by Asia Argento

1999/ The ruthless, directed by Asia Argento

2000/ Loredasia, directed by Asia Argento

200/ Cindy, The Doll is Mine "by Bertrand Bonello

2006/ Friendly Fire, directed by Michele Civetta

2012/ The first milk, directed by Michele Civetta

2012/ Frimeza, directed by Asia Argento

2012/ The Voice Thief, directed by Adan Jodorowsky



Video clips


1993/ I do my thing – Frankie Hi-Nrg Mc
2003/ This Picture, Placebo
2006/ Dead Meat by Sean Lennon 
2008/ Live Fast Died Old - Munk 
2009/ Life Aint Enough For You – The Legendary Tigerman 
2009/ Still here, Renato Zero 
2013/ Ours – Tim Burgess 
2013/ Sexodrome – Asia Argento & Morgan
2013/ Phoenix – at $ ap Rocky

2017/ La vie est belle  of Indo-China




2017/ Rosalind Franklin – The secret of life, by Anna Ziegler, directed by Filippo Dini



Backlinks, short film
Abel Love Asia, documentary
The ruthless, short film 
Scarlet Diva, documentary film
Loredasia, short film
The disappearance, short film
Absinthe, music video
The heart is deceitful above all Cosin
Lest We Forget: The Video Collection
Definasio, short film
42 One Dream Rush, short film
Firmeza, short film
Women's stories


David of Donatello


1994/ Best actress for the film Perdiamoci di Vista! 
1997/ Best actress for the movie Traveling companion  


Silver Ribbon

1993/ Best actress for the movie Le amiche del Cuore  
1993/ Best supporting actress for the movie sentenced to Marriage 
1995/ Best actress for the movie traveling companion 
2006/ Best actress in a leading role for the film the heart is deceitful above all things 
2014/ Best screenplay for the movie Misunderstood


Golden Globe 


1989/ Best actress for the movie Zoo

1996/ Best actress for the movie traveling companion

2012/ Best/ Actress for the movie  Islands


Grolla Gold


1996/ Best actress for the movie Traveling companion


 Ciak D'Oro


1994/ Best actress for the film Let's get lost of Vista!  

1996/ Best actress for the movie The Stendhal Syndrome