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Antonella Alessandro

Turin, 22 November 1963


Antonella is American actress, daughter of actor and voice actor Bruno Alexander, he studied at the Scuola di Teatro La Scaletta ", also has a long theatrical career behind.


Cinema Filmography


1996/ Hotel Fear, directed by Renato De Maria

1997/ Finally alone, directed by Umberto Marino

1997/ In sailing the wrong way, directed by Stefano Reali





1993/ Climbing, directed by Vittorio Sindoni

1999/ A Woman for Friend 2 - 3, directed by Rosella Izzo

2008/ Try it again Prof! 3, directed by Rossella Izzo



Short films


8 December, directed by G. Laurenti

Father Daily, directed by G. Laurenti



Movie Dubbing


Kim Cattral in Sex and the City; Sex and the City 2

Lisa Gay Hamilton in Until proven otherwise

Jenny Robertson in My sample

Scarlett Chorvat in Dodgeball: a true balls

Debora Weston in Thunderbirds

Fergie in Nine

Nicki Minaj in Against Him

Donna w. Scott in Water for elephants Telefilm

Rebecca Balding in Witches

Sophie Kaczynski in 2 Broke Girls





Donna Tubbs in The Cleveland Show

Maude Flanders, Luanne Van Gouten, Majula, Lindsey Naegle, Patty and Selma Bouvier talking the Simpsons

Tricia Takanawa in Family guy

Sachiko Yagami in Death Note

Mildred in Scaredy squirrel

Dj's mom and Leshawniqua in Total drama action!

Melanie Baker in Clarence




Butterflies – written by Federico Caramadre Ronconi, directed by Claudia Madrazo Ghiglia (2003)