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Annalisa Aglioti

Bari 17/08/74


Grandson of Antonello Aglioti, painter, Director and set designer, who has a degree in art history at La Sapienza University in Rome began his artistic career with dance. In 1994, after studying at the Teatro Kismet with schoolmarm Lucrezia MOP, and children Foundation in Bari, is admitted to the Hochschule in Essen Fokwang, directed by Pina Bausch, where he studied contemporary dance, Dance Theater, Ballet, flamenco and choreographic composition. He obtained the certificate of specialization course in choreography with Carolyn Carlson, Simona Bucci, Susanne Linke, Giorgio Rossi and Michele Abbondanza, studies also ballet with Anthony Basile and Helen Diolot and contemporary dance with Sascha Ramos, Fabio Ciccalè and Jordi Molina. In 2006 she made her debut as actress and author with his monologue Tg of the unconscious, in 2007 began his career as a television comedy program Seven Show the broadcaster Europa 7He enrolled in acting school Beatrice Bracco, participating in several intensive seminars, and teacher of movement for actors. In the same year he wrote and directed his first play, Friends and directed by movement of the Play the Black Sun of Julius stasis. Works at the theatre with several directors of contemporary theatre, among them Claudio Collovà, Piero Maccarinelli, Pascal La Delfa and Cesare Ronconi at the Teatro Valdoca. Visit shorts it's okay directed by Fulvio Molena, Silver Ribbon Prize finalist David di Donatello of 2007, and the escalator , directed by Andrea Madden rewritten by Khurram Paracha on a subject of Salvatore Marino. Sharpens its comic quality by participating in Rome, at the laboratory of vebo female comedy directed by Giulia Ricciardi, attends the Nicole workshop directed by Alessandro Mage M. She has also been a guest several times of transmission roller coaster by Rai Radio 2, playing comedy model wife, with whom he won several awards. 

The same character, in the version "eco" defender of the environment and the planet, was a regular guest of the transmission It was interesting the issuer Ecoradio. 

A monologue of the model wife was also included in the school diary Comix of the year 2011. He continues to perform his work as teacher of movement at the school Beatrice Bracco and intensive residential Laboratory Assistant and trainer of Massimiliano Bruno.

In 2013 publishes the book encyclopedia of model wife, published as an ebook from Vanda Vicki Satlow and paper Editions in ePublishing preview and considered by Panorama books at the first place among the necessary books to "survive" in couple.


Past productions


1999-2000/ Odido choreographed by Pina Bausch, as Assistant special

1997/ Eurofunnel, Chiara Girolomini choreography

1995/ Maria Gombitza,choreography by Felix Ruckert; "Ausencia", choreographed by Yasna Vinovrsy

1994/ The kitchen, choreography by Felix Ruckert

1993/ Tyrannosaurus Rex , choreography by Felix Ruckert

2000/ Microwave choreography by Annalisa Aglioti; Enzymes (selected project from Roma Europa Festival)

2000/ Ring, choreography by Felix Ruckert

2001/ Grand Ball, choreography by Montalvo-Herviau; Adverse reaction "directed by Fabio Ciccalè

2003/ Echo choreography by Alessandra Luberti and directed by Claudio Collovà

2004/ In pectore and Nek , choreography by Fabio Ciccalè

2005/ live the Castrum, choreography by Fabio Ciccalè; "Elemental Attraction", choreographed by Evelin Stadler

2006/ Full total, choreography by Fabio Ciccalè

2007/ Project for a prayer, Chiara Girolomini choreography

2008/ Blank Sacrificial, directed by Cesare Ronconi

2010/ The eye, the ear, muscles tensed and directed by Cesare Ronconi

2010/ Bad girls directed by Mostafa Radwan

2011/ Is easy to stop getting married if you know how to do directed by Marco Falaguasta

2011/ Romewomen's singles directed by Pascal (nominated for best actress and best actress Prize young man named Agis, Vincenzo Cerami)

2012/ The girl show by Silvia Manganiello

2012/ Point and Wrap directed by Marco Falaguasta

2012/ A model wife saintly by Annalisa Aglioti, Alessandro Mancini, Antonio Mazzara

2013/ As Houdini- written by Claudio Fois and Alessandro Mancini, directed by Marco Saker

2013/ Orgasmpulp or fiction?by Alessandra Flamini, directed by Peter Abo_gresha

2014/ Who is without sinmakes a hard knock life By a. Mancini, g. Bristling and a. Aglioti, directed by Pascal 

2015/ You are here by Noel Feeley and Alessandro Mancini (Director and collaborating on lyrics)

2015/ Three former rent by Claudio Gnomus (co-star and collaborator on the lyrics.)

2016/  Jenna Presleyshows the feminine side of Giulia Ricciardi.

2016/ Who would have said to Terryz 2 and Laurie Baldwin (Director)




2007/ Seven Show, television channel Europe 7

2010 – 2011/ Zelig Off , Channel 5 Television channel

2010/ Bad girls, tv channel Comedy Central

2012 – 2013/ Colorado, Italy One Television channel

2015/ All together suddenly directed by Francesco Pavolini, Channel 5 television channel

2016/ Immature series by Paolo Genovese, Jeanne pennants, Paola Mammini, directed by Rolando Ravello, Channel 5 television channel.




2004/ Uskamusic video, directed by Davide Marengo

2007/ It's alright, short film directed by Fulvio Maldonado

2012/ The escalator, short film, directed by Andrea Madhava and written by Claudio Fin on a story by Salvatore Marino

2014/ Confused and happy, film, directed by Massimiliano Bruno

2015/ Just a little, movie, directed by Andrea Muzzi and Riccardo Paoletti



Awards and recognitions


2010 Award "Ridens" at the Festival "Laughter makes good blood " of Rovigo for best comedienne and best lyrics

2010 Critics prize at the National Festival of comedy in The rosa of Turin (ninth edition)

2013 Premium Night of notes to Apulian professionals by category cabaret, jury President Michele Mirabella

2014 Golden Cactus Award for best comic Kiss Colorado Cafè (Italy 1)

2014 Nominated best actress and best supporting actress at the award show agis Vincenzo Cerami Rome singles directed by Pascal La Delfa