Anna Arena

(19 May 1919 – 21 Jesolo, Quiliano, August 1974)


He made his debut, still very young, as a theater actress in local companies, in 1941 thanks to an alert of the magazine Cinema made his entrance in the cinema, playing a small part in there is a ghost in Castle, a comic character-sentimental movie, filmed in 1941 directed by Giorgio Simonelli. Despite participates in a number of films, remains an actress of the second floor, with minor bit parts. The actor Maurizio Arena (Maurizio di Lorenzo) chose this pseudonym in tribute to the actress, who was romantically linked despite the age difference.




1942/ is there a ghost in the Castle, directed by Giorgio Simonelli


1942/ farewell, directed by Ferruccio Cerio


1942/ Benghazi, directed by Augusto Genina


1942/ Don Giovanni, Dino Falconi


1942/ Jealousy, directed by Ferdinando Maria Poggioli


1943/ Senza una donna, directed by Alfredo Guarini


1944/ Airport, directed by Piero Costa


1945/ Carmen, directed by Christian-Jaque


1948/ Ghosts of the sea, by Francesco De Robertis


1950/ 47 morto che parla, directed by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia


1951/ holidays with gangsters, directed by Dino Risi


1951/ Beauties in Carpi, directed by Adelchi Bianchi


1951/ wishes and sons, directed by Giorgio Simonelli


1951/ Quo Vadis, directed by Mervyn LeRoy


1952/ È arrivato l'accordatore, directed by Duilio Coletti


1952/ the mark of Zorro, directed by Mario Soldati


1953/ Siamo tutti inquilini, directed by Mario Soldati


1953/ Songs for two voices


1953/ the Wolf, directed by Alberto Lattuada


1954/ yours for life, directed by Sergio Grieco


1954/ the fisherman from Posillipo, directed by Giorgio Capitani


1954/ Ghetto orphan, directed by Carlo Campogalliani


1954/ La nave delle donne maledette, directed by Raffaello Matarazzo


1954/ Male, directed by Marc Allègret


1954/ Knights of the illusion, directed by Marc Allegret


1954/ In love we let down in two, directed by Vittorio Cottafavi


1954/ bread, love and jealousy, directed by Luigi Comencini


1955/ La rossa, directed by Luigi Capuano


1959/ the law, directed by Jules Dassin


1959/ The scimitar del Saraceno, directed by Pappu


1960/ Il Bell'Antonio, directed by Mauro Bolognini


1961/ the adventures of Mary Read, directed by Umberto Lenzi


1964/ Sansone contro il corsaro nero, directed by Luigi Capuano


1964/ Hercules against Rome, directed by Piero Pierotti