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Anna Ammirati

Naples .1 January 1979


After studying art and photography in Naples, he moved to Rome, where he attended the Faculty of psychology of wisdom. He graduated from the State Argentina Beatrice Bracco, hone his acting skills by attending classes with Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute Ivana Chubbuck Greta Seacat. In 1997 she was chosen for Tinto Brass movie MonellaIn 2013/2014 works at the theater with his recital Napsound .

In 2015 plays Anna in the surprise film comedy with Claudio Bisio.


Past productions

New meat


Return to Pompeii

The Trastervere boy

Youth without God

The word is Sex - Study of Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Napsound Unplugged

This mother and daughter

The seated woman

Love story


The real ghosts

Where he lost the language Maria?

Ubu Roi


A Love




Monella, directed by Tinto Brass

Roses and guns, directed by Carla Apuzzo

The Fetentoni, directed by Alessandro Di Robilant

Quartet, directed by Salvatore Piscicelli

La repubblica di San Gennaro, directed by Massimo Costa

The rematch, directed by Armenia Balducci

Theft, directed by Stefano Only

At the end of the night, directed by Salvatore Piscicelli

And after the snow fell, directed by David B

Light, directed by Andres Madolnado Arcès

L'amore buio, directed by Antonio Capuano

Brief history of long betrayal directed by Davide Marengo

A bullet in the heart, by Luca Manfredi

What a lovely surprise, directed by Alessandro Genovesi





Positano, directed by Vittorio Sindoni

Let us not be more, directed by Vittorio Sindoni

Special envoys directed by Francesco Laudadio

2 Suspects, directed by Gianni Lepre

Don Matteo, directed by Andrea Barzini

5 team, directed by Stefano Amatucci

Joe Petrosino, directed by Alfredo Peyretti

Female Detective, directed by Cinzia Th Torrini

General Dalla Chiesa, directed by Giorgio Capitani

Sorry to bother you, directed by Luca Manfredi

My son and I – new stories for Chief Vivaldi, directed by Luca Odorisio

All Star, directed by Massimo Martelli

All fathers of Mary, directed by Luca Manfredi

The new team, directed by Various directors

L'oro di Scampia, directed by Marco Pontecorso

Thou shalt not kill, directed by Giuseppe Gagliardi

On tiptoe, directed by Alessandro d'alatri

Flying squad-Operation Mafia capital, directed by Alexis Sweet