Angiola Baggi

(Monselice 30 November 1946)


Actress, voice actress and Director of dubbing, debuted on television in ' 60. Led Open air games , Christmas under the treeTelling the theaterShe was married to the television Director and theatrical, Nanni Fabbri, who directed her several times. Also takes part in the animated series the Simpsons, as Dr.ssa Zweig, in episode 11, fear of flying. 



Movie Filmography 


Storia di ragazzi e di ragazze, 1989

Declarations of love, 1994

Me and the King, 1995

Butterflies, 1997 




Sleeping beauty (scripted RAI), 1963

The sign of the command (scripted RAI), 1971

The demons (scripted RAI)

The Queen of Spades (RAI)

Dedicated to a child (scripted RAI)

Dedicated to a praetor (scripted RAI)

Dedicated to a pair (scripted RAI)

La contessina Mitzi (scripted RAI)

Yellow evening (tv series)

Family process (scripted RAI), 1991

Diagnosis (scripted), 1975

Aut aut. Chronicle of a robbery, 1976

Proof of innocence (scripted), 1990

Don Fumino, (scripted RAI), 1993

Crime news (fiction), 1998

The theater and the mystery (News)

Dear tomorrow (soap opera Sat 2000), 1999

Spell 3 (Rai Uno), 2000

4 Spell (Rai Uno), 2001

We're good together (Rai Uno), 2002

Spell 6 (Rai Uno), 2003

Stolen Hearts (soap opera Rai Due), 2002-2003





Crime and punishment

The egoist

The father


Stories suburbs

The devil and the good Lord

George Dardin

Mart Sade


Great end of season sale

A normal woman

The Truffle 

Alice James

Le nozze di Figaro

Parlour Proust Orpheus in Manhattan


Final order

The Cook

My family

I leave to my women






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