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Andrea Calogero Camilleri 

Porto Empedocle on 6 September 1925 / Rome, 17 July 2019



The Father Joseph was Inspector of the port companies who participated in the March on Rome. 

By the late ' 40 lives in Rome and from 1968 he spends a few months a year in Bagnolo, in the municipality of Santa Fiora in the territory of Monte Amiata in Tuscany, much to receive in September 2014 from this joint nomination of honorary citizen.  

He attended the liceo classico Empedocle Agrigento where in 1943 he graduated without taking exams, because of the bombing and the allied landings. Camilleri speaks of a kind of half-circumnavigation of Sicily on foot or on German and Italian trucks under a continuous shooting for which you had to throw himself to the ground, get dirty with dust, blood, fears. He enrolled in ' 44 in literature and philosophy, but never graduated, and subsequently to the PCI. He began writing poems and stories and get a finalist for the Premio Saint Vincent. Between 1949 and 1952, he graduated from the Academy of dramatic art Silvio D'Amico, clenching his friendship with Luigi Vannucchi, Franco Graziosi and Alexander Salih. She continues to write short stories and poems to newspapers like The Socialist Italy and an hour from Palermo, and some of his poems are published in an anthology edited by Ungaretti. In 1958 in Rome at the Teatro dei Satiri enacts endgame, Beckett, then a television version with Adolfo Celi and Renato Rascel. Entering RAI in 1957, has not previously was hired because Communist, and the same year bride Rosetta Of Saito, with whom he has three daughters. From 1958 to 1965 and 1968 to 1970 taught at the Experimental Center of Cinematography in Rome from 1977 to 1997 he holds the Chair of direction at the Silvio D'Amico National Academy of dramatic art '.Get much success with productions RAI, The adventures of Laura Storm, with Lauretta Masiero, and fiction with Lt. Sheridan, starring Ubaldo Lay, but also Investigations of Maigret, starring Gino Cervi, and in ' 68 he directed the teleromanzo LazarilloIn 1978 he debuted in fiction with the course of things written ten years earlier and published by a Publisher to payment with escrow to sue the Publisher in the titles of TV series based on the book, his hand over his eyes: is a failure. In 1980, he publishes with Garzanti a wisp of smoke, the first in a series of novels set in the fictional town of Vigata straddling the end of the 19th and the beginning of the twentieth century. Thanks to the latter work Camilleri received its first literary prize in Gela. Public in 1984, Sellerio, The forgotten massacre, without success. After twelve years of pause, resume writing, and between 1992 and 1993 Hunting season public and componeda bubbleWith the shape of water, in 1994 he published the first detective story with Dexter and the following year the Brewer of PrestonAlthough accused by critics of being repetitive, his books sell about 60,000 copies, reprinted several times. His books, written between 1995 and 2003, go like hot cakes, while the television series Man, played by Luca Zingaretti, make it a cult. At the end of 2002, accepts the appointment as Artistic Director of the Teatro Comunale Queen Margaret of Racalmuto, opened in February 2003 in the presence of the head of State, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi. Always publishes with Sellerio, other novels starring Montalbano: in 2004 the patience of the spider, in March 2005 Untitled, in June 2005 The paper Moon. Don't forget the novel il King of Girgenti, set in the 17th century, entirely written in Sicilian interspersed with Spanish. Between 2006 and 2008, publishes five other novels whose protagonist Inspector Montalbano: The August blazethe wings of the Sphinx, The sandy slope, The potters field, age of the doubtThe 2009 begins with the novel The Seagull's Dance, winner in the same year of the 26th Edition of Cesare Pavese. Everyone at Sellerio in Memory, founded by Leonardo Sciascia. In 2010 in the same necklace out Montalbano's later novels, a treasure hunt and the smile of Angelica, who is accompanied by a third novel, mums, published by Minimun faxWritten together with Carlo Lucarelli in the form "letters" already successfully tested talking Pato's death, the novel was first seen Dexter interact with another investigator literary, Inspector Grace Negro, created by Lucarelli. 

In 2008 publishes The grey suit and The Tollbooth, the second of a trilogy of novels, the first of which is the novel Maruzza MusumeciFor the first time, in 2008, publish to the web, the online daily Agrigento News publishes his narrative, rear window, starring always Montalbano. The same year he won the Award  Internacional De novela Negra RBA, with an unprecedented in Spanish entitled La muerte de Amalia Sarcedote, released later in Italy under the title The rizzagliataHe also writes novels dedicated to the great painters, for Mondadori The color of the Sun (Caravaggio),Skira La Vucciria ( Guttuso ) and Skira, the novel set in his Agrigento, the sky stolen, Dossier RenoirFor Rizzoli, in 2009, she published the novel Pirandello The triple life of Salina, Sellerio grandson Negus and at Mondadori the blink rateWith Edoardo De Angelis and Franco Battiato, in 2001, works for the song Pang album Salt of SicilyAlso among the artists who collaborate in the album T. C. H. Daniele Silvestri, Camilleri. In the same year he was awarded the The Campiello Foundation AwardUntil now Camilleri has been translated into at least 120 languages  (including English, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian, Irish, Russian, Hungarian, Polish, Greek, Japanese, Hebrew, Croatian ) and has sold more than 10 million copies. Her particular language, is a combined between Italian and Sicilian. After an initial period devoted to poetry, is interested in the theater until, having decided to represent his plays in his own words, he realized that they cannot speak Italian in works of great scope and so he ceased to write in ways that prose. His language was formed when, seeing his dying father, he wanted to tell a story that he would like to publish but that wasn't able to compose in Italian: it was his father to suggest they write it as he had told him. But wanting to be understood by everyone, he preferred to adopt a balanced language, where the dialect terms had the same quality and significance, the same resonance of the Italian ones. She starred in the movies of Rocco Mortelliti, the strategy of the mask. Even has a cameo appearance in December 2013, 2994 number 16 of Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse and the promise of the catStory set in Sicily where Mickey Mouse helps the Commissioner TopalbanoOn 29 January 2009 decides to enter politics expected to mark the "party without party" along with Antonio Di Pietro and Paolo Flores D'arcais to take part in the European elections of 2009 but on 12 March of that year it was announced the lack of agreement among the three. In 2013, along with other celebrities launches a collection of signature with the help of Micro Mega with the intention of not joining the Senate Silvio Berlusconi for a matter of conflict of interest by law 361 of 1957, recovering to more the initiative already in 1994 and in 1996 by another Committee of characters and concluded with the unfavourable opinion of the election of the Chamber of Deputies. On 5 June 2013, during the presentation in a television program about his book, how I feel, expressed some of his remarks on Italian political establishment; his opposition to the Government, and to the re-election of the head of State Giorgio Napolitano. Expressed its support for the Tsipras list for the European elections of 2014, only to withdraw it to internal controversies.





1959/ The permanent theatres in Italy (1898-1919)

1978/ The course of things

1980/ A wisp of smoke

1984/ The Forgotten Massacre

1992/ The hunting season

1993/ The Bull of componenda

1995/ The Brewer of Preston

1995/ The Fly Game

1995/ The granting of the phone

1999/ The horse's move

2000/ The disappearance of Pato

2000/ Son's Biography Changed

2000/ Tales of sunset

2001/ Daily Stories

2001/ Drops of Sicily

2001/ The King of Girgenti

2001/ The words told. Small dictionary of terms plays

2002/ Noah's umbrella. Memories and conversations on theatre

2002/ The Palm Line. Saverio Lodato fa tell Andrea Camilleri

2002/ Commissioner's investigations Collura

2003/ Macallè's grip

2004/  Novels and civilians

2005/ Untitled

2005/ Medallion

2005/ The Devil. Tempter. In love

2005/ Too many misunderstandingsCrimes

2006/ Pension Eva

2006/ I'll tell you Montalbano. Interviews,

2007/ Pages of Luigi Pirandello

2007/ The colour of the Sun

2007/ The sheep and the Shepherd

2007/ The novella by Antonello di PalermoA story that could not enter the Decameron

2007/ You do not know. Friends, enemies, the mafia, the world in 2007, Bernardo Provenzano's pizzini

2007 / Maruzza Musumeci

2007 / The eye and memory: Porto Empedocle

2008/ The grey suit

2008/ The signalman

2008/ The Vucciria

2008/ La muerte de Amalia Sacerdote

2008/ triple life of Salina

2009/ One Saturday, with friends

2009/ The rattle

2009/ The man is strong, in Article 1. Stories about work

2009/ The sky stole. Renoir

2009/ The rizzagliata

2009 / Italian winter2008 – 2009 angrily Chronicles

2009 / An Honorable Sicilian. The parliamentary interpellations by Leonardo Sciascia

2009 / Troppu trafficu ppi members

2010/ The granddaughter of Negus

2010/ The blink rate

2010/ Our head. 2009 – 2010 angrilyChronicles

2010/ The currency of Akragas

2011/ Gran Circo Taddei and other stories of Vigàta

2011/ The Angels Sect

2011/ The plaque

2011/ Ghosts

2011/ The judge SurraJudges

2012/ The devil, certainly

2012/ The Queen of Pomerania and other stories of Vigàta

2012/ Inside the labyrinth

2013/ The prafull

2013/ The revolution of the Moon

2013/ What I think-some things you have inside your head

2013/ Magaria

2013/ The band Lot

2013/ The tales of Nene

2013/ The creature of desire

2014/ Chasing a shadow

2014/ Women

2014/ The report

2015/ The  framework of wonders-Written for theatre, radio, music, cinema

2015/ The flying Viking and other love stories to Vigàta



Series of Montalbano


1994/ The shape of water

1996/ The terracotta dog

1996/ The Snack Thief

1997/ The Voice of the Violin

1998/ A month with Montalbano

1999/ Montalbano's arancini

1999/ Fifteen days of Montalbano

1997/ Excursion to Tindari

2001/ The scent of the night

2002/ The fear of Montalbano

2002/ Stories of Montalbano

2003/ The turning point

2004/ The patience of the spider

2004/ The first survey of Montalbano

2005 / Paper Moon

2006/ La vampa d'agosto

2006/ The wings of the Sphinx

2007/ The sandy slope

2008/ The Potter's field

2008/ Inspector Montalbano. The first investigations

2008/ The age of doubt

2008/ Tales of Montalbano

2009/ The Seagull's Dance

2009/ Three more investigations, for il commissario Montalbano, ( Contains: the voice of the violin;Excursion to Tindari; The scent of the night 

2010/ The treasure hunt

2010/ Water in the mouth

2010/ Angelic smile

2010/ The game of mirrors

2011/ Other cases for inspector Montalbano

2012/ A blade of light

2012/ A voice in the night

2012/ Three investigations to Vigàta

2012/ A special dinnernew year's Eve in yellow

2013/ A nest of vipers

2013/ Night of August, in mid-August in yellow

2014/ The pyramid of mud

2014/ Death in the open sea and other surveys of the young Man

2015/ The carousel of trade

2016/ The other end of the line

2016/ The four Christmases of Tridicino

2017/ The safety net





2002/ Camilleri law Montalbano

2006/ A thread of smoke

2010/ The granddaughter of Negus




In 2015 the Literary student association "ink" Mouthfuls, the Literary Salon of the Bocconi University of Milan, at the initiative of students, acknowledged the "Dante d'Oro" for the complete works.


In 2014 received in Barcelona the IX Prize Pepe Carvalho, the protagonist of the Spanish writer Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, from whose surname Camilleri drew his Commissioner.


In 2011 he was awarded the Premio Fondazione Il Campiello.


In 2010 he received the Premio letterario Piero Chiara


In 2009 with the book the dance of the gull won the 26th Edition of the literary prize Cesare Pavese


In 2009 he received the halberd of gold for literature prize "city of Trieste".


In 2008 he won the Premio Internacional de Novela Nigra with the crime novel in Spanish La muerte de Amalia Sacerdote.


In 2007 received the ' Premio la Tore Elba, then assigned to Vitali, sea, Cazzullo and Nava, among others.


In 2003 he received the Premio Vittorio De Sica in the culture section; on 20 January of that year had already obtained the Premio letterario Racalmare Leonardo Sciascia throughout his literary production.


In 1997 with the book Il cane di terracotta won the 11th edition of the literary award. Its numerous literary works have made him deserving also of several honorary degrees.





Argentine writer Carlos Salem has paid tribute to fellow Sicilian calling "Andres Camillèr" a character of his novel Naked is death.

In 2014 is sent on Rai 1 a documentary film about the life of writer named Andrea Camilleri, the master without rules.