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Andrea Adriatico

L'Aquila, 20 April 1966



After graduating in architecture and urban design at the University of Roma Tre and Dams in Bologna, in 1988, takes the specialization in video journalism. The only appearance as an actor, dates back to 1989, in the exhibition in a Small Riot, inspired by Orgia by Pier Paolo Pasolini, Center The Morara in Bologna.

With the German actress Iris Faigle, in 1989 he founded the theatre company: Reflections or two reflex points .

In 1993, in Bologna Theatres of Life, realizes space open to the contemporary scene of theatre, music, dance.

In 1997 Theatres of Life, open look at the international scene, and the following year creates the last show with the ending: Reflections (later called Teatri di Vita), Battle of angels, in French Theatre coproduction with The Foundries of Le Mans and the old German Podewthel in Berlin.

In 2000 realized together with Anna Rispoli, his first short film Anarchie, taken from a scene of Madame de Sade, by Jay Mishima, with the short film participates in numerous festivals.

In 2002, he participated in the Venice Film Festival, with his third short film off, and other festivals, including foreigners, winning several awards. His first feature film, the Wind at night, is produced by the same Teatri di vita written with Stefano case, played by Corso Salani and Francesca Mazza, debuting in 2004 at the Berlin Film Festival. In 2010 with the collaboration of Giulio Maria Corbelli, the movie comes out + o, gender confused, stories of worlds in the era of aids. Other documentary produced by Andrea Adriatico is the keep, dedicated to the birth of the first IGBT Centre (lesbian, Gay, bisexual and Transgender).


 Past productions


1989/ The ashes of Beckett, "rocking" by Samuel Beckett, Center the Morara of Bologna 

1990/ Riot proof, by Pier Paolo Pasolini, Ketty Do Circle of Bologna

1991/ The religions of my time, the silences and life, by Andrea Adriatico, Center the Morara of Bologna

1991/ Thel judgment of the soul, History of Italy and deluded country, Andrea Adriatico, Urbino's Horizons Theatre Festival

1991/The last night, a piece dedicated to Bernad-Marie Koltès (the night just before the forests by Bernard Marie Koltès), multipurpose room of Santarcangelo

1992/ Escape, a piece dedicated Marie Koltès by Stefano Casi ( Escape riding away in the city ) by Bernard Marie Koltès. Multipurpose room of Santarcangelo

1993/ Hey Presto. We live – mass Brothers thinking of Ernst Toller, by Andrea Adriatico, Festival di Sant'arcangelo di Romagna Teatri di sant'arcangelo 

1993/ The human voice, Jean Cocteau, Festival Santarcangelo dei Teatri, Santarcangelo di Romagna

1994/ There, where we see from afar, from Bernad-Marie Koltès, Urbino's Horizons Festival

1995/ injury. Look at a people dedicated to Adorf Hitler, Andrea Adriatico, Arena del Sole in Bologna

1996/ Only. The Foundation of the Incurables, Andrea Adriatico, former Matthias Church of Bologna

1997/ Salvo, or of the Holy desire, Andrea Adriatico (the House of Bernarda Alba) by Federico Garcia Lorca, Teatri di Vita in Bologna

1998/ Fight of the Angels, messages from a man on the run, by Milena Magnani, The Foundries of Le Mans

1999/ Madame de Sade, by Yukio Mishima, Teatri di Vita in Bologna

1999/ Self-sufficient, Andrea Adriatico, escort d'Arte di Ozzano dell'Emilia

2000 / The car of brides, Andrea Adriatico, Teatri di Vita in Bologna

2001/ 6 Andrea Adriatico (Includes "quadruplets" by Copi), Teatri di Vita in Bologna

2002/ The car of fughand Andrea Adriatico, Bologna, Teatri di Vita

2003/ The car of Chans, Andrea Adriatico and Alexander Fullin, Teatri di Vita in Bologna

2004/ Orgia by Pier Paolo Pasolini, Teatri di Vita in Bologna

2005/ The fridge, by Copi, Teatri di Vita in Bologna

2005/ Return to the desert, by Bernard-Marie Koltes, teatri di Vita in Bologna

2007/ The servants of Goldoni, Alexander Fullin, Venice Biennale

2008/ Sisters-in-law, by Michel Tremblay, theatres of Bologna

2010/ The Sunset Limited (L'Espresso sunset), by Cormac McCarthy, Arena del Sole in Bologna

2011/ Tickets to separate rooms, by Pier Vittorio Tondelli, Mambo, Galleria d'Arte Moderna di Bologna

2012/ Homosexual or difficulty to express themselves, by Copi, Teatri di Vita in Bologna

2013/ Quai ouest, by Bernard-Marie Koltès, Festival way, Finale Emilia

2014/ Delirium of a Trans PopulistA piece dedicated to Elfriede Jelinek, Festival heart of Brazil, Bologna

2014/ Jackie and the other. A piece dedicated to Elfriede Jelinek, Festival Horizons Closed

2014/ A piece for sports. Another view on Elfriede Jelinek, Festival way, Arena del Sole, Bologna

2015/ Is, Is, Oil, oil of Pier Paolo Pasolini, Teatri di Vita, Bologna




2000/ Anarchie, what's left of liberte, equality, fraternity, short (along with Anna Rispoli)

2002/ The car of silence, short Punches and on me it closes the sky

2004/ The wind of night

2007/ Absent love

2010/ +0 sex confused. Tales of worlds in the aera, AIDS Documentary

2015/ Towers, Queers and tortellini, Documentary