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Alfredo Adami

2 July 1915-2 August 1989 Rome



In 1960 he started his career as an actor with over fifty titles between movies and television dramas, in which covers only boundary roles or generic. Most of the films he interpreted are comedies, in the early 1980s he played the janitor Alfonso in the first two films of the trilogy of Pierino, where he is credited as Vulsinio Adami.





Adua and her companions, directed by Antonio Pietrangeli (1960)

Soldiers and corporals, directed by Mario Amendola (1965)

Two mafiosi against Goldfinger, directed by Giorgio Simonelli (1965)

Soldiers and corporals, directed by Luigi Scattini (1965)

As the Bank of Italy , directed by Lucio Fulci (1966)

The two sans culotte, directed by Giorgio Simonelli (1966)

With rides him death, directed by Giuseppe Vari (1967)

The 2 vigilant, directed by Giuseppe Orlandini (1967)

The money in the world, directed by Aldo Grimaldi (1968)

Franco, Ciccio and the Merry Widows, directed by Marino Girolami (1968)

The fire 2, directed by Bruno Corbucci (1968)

The 2 magnificent fresconi, directed by Marino Girolami (1969)

The boy smiling, directed by Aldo Grimaldi (1969)

The red triangle  TV series, episode 2x03 (1969)

Pure since an Angel dad made me a monk ... Monza, directed by Giovanni Grimaldi (1969)

Don Franco and Don Ciccio in the year of the dispute, directed by Marino Girolami (1970)

W le donne, directed by Aldo Grimaldi (1970)

Midnight of Love, directed by Ettore Maria Fizzarotti (1970)

The two magicians of the balloon, directed by Mariano Laurenti (1970)

Come and be a soldier with us, directed by Ettore Maria Fizzarotti (1971)

Let Us arm ourselves and go!, directed by Nando Cicero (1971)

Rome, directed by Federico Fellini (1972)

Third hypothesis on a case of perfect criminal strategy, directed by Giuseppe Vari (1972)

At the last minute – TV series, episode 2x02 (1972)

Stardust, by Alberto Sordi (1973) 

The legacy of his uncle late lamented, directed by Alfonso Brescia (1974)

The balloon vendor, directed by Mario Gariazzo (1974)

Farfallon, directed by Riccardo Pazzaglia (1974)

Franco e Ciccio superstars, directed by Giorgio Agliani (1974)

Sergeant Ebay becomes ... corporal, directed by Mariano Laurenti (1975)

Fantozzi, directed by Luciano Salce (1975)

Death wish by noon, directed by Mario Amendola (1975)

The policewoman makes a career, directed by Francesco militia (1976)

Frou-frou del tabarin, directed by Giovanni Grimaldi (1976)

The doctor of the military district, directed by Nando Cicro (1976)

Loves, beds and betrayals, directed by Alfonso Brescia (1976)

The Pretora, directed by Lucio Fulci (1976)

Friends more than before, directed by Marino Girolami, John Grimaldi and Giorgio Simonelli (1976)

The mutual gynecologist, directed by Joe D'Amato (1977)

Taxi Girl, directed by Michele Massimo Tarantini (1977)

The underworld attacks ... the police respond!, regia by Mario Caiano (1977)

The lawyer of the mala, directed by Alberto Marras (1977)

The marble Faun, directed by Silverio Blasi — miniseries (1977)

The new monsters, directed by Mario Monicelli, Dino Risi and Ettore Scola (1977)

The soldier at the big manoeuvres, directed by Nando Cicero (1978)

The teacher comes home, directed by Michele Massimo Tarantini (1978)

The morality team cop, directed by Michele Massimo Tarantini (1979)

The high school, the devil and the holy water, directed by Nando Cicero (1979

A man laughing at, directed by Lucio Fulci – miniseries (1980)

Murder in Roman Gate, directed by Bruno Corbucci (1980)

The social worker all pepper ..., directed by Nando Cicero (1981)

Pierino vs. All, directed by Marino Girolami (1981)

Before it's too soon, directed by Enzo Decaro (1981)

Pierino the plague to the rescue!, directed by Umberto Lenzi (1982)

Pierino strikes again, directed by Marino Girolami (1982)

W the seal, directed by Nando Cicero (1982)

Vigilant and meter maids, directed by Francesco Prosperi (1982)

Busted, gassed, completely melted, directed by Steno (1982)

What a mess ... with Pierino!, regia by Bitto Albertini (1982)

Giggi the Bully, directed by Marino Girolami (1982)