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Alfonso Brescia

(Rome, 6 January 1930 – 5 June 2001)


The son of a filmmaker, his father did not want him to do cinema and so entrusted him with the task of driver of production in hopes that heavy schedules and getting up early in the morning, he did change his mind, however it didn't. Alfonso Brescia became an Assistant Director and found himself working with Fellini and Sergio Leone. He worked a lot with the actor and singer Mario Merola. Before he died he self-a movie to try to get back on their bikes, because the genre that he ran had fallen out of fashion, but the movie studios distribution not bought it. He died in 2001 due to illness. 



Director Filmography


The revolt of the Praetorian guard (1964) 

The magnificent Gladiator (1964)

The colt is my law (1965)

Conqueror of Atlantis (1965)

32 caliber Killer (1967)

The days of violence (1967)

Turn around ... I will kill you! (1967)

Beachhead for eight tall men (1968)

Piglets are born (1968)

In the maze of sex (1969)

Killing Rommel (1969)

Your sweet body to kill (1970)

The warm nights of Don Giovanni (1971)

Naked girl killed in the Park (1972)

Poppea ... a prostitute at the service of the Empire (1972)

The Amazons – love and war Women (1973)

Elena Yes ... but of Troy (1973)

The legacy of his uncle the late lamented (1974)

Amori, letti e tradimenti (1975)

Supermen, wonder women, superbotte (1975)

White Fang and the Lonely Hunter (1975)

The teenager (1976)

Italian Omelet (1976)

Cop's blood (1976)

Year Zero – War in space (1977)

L'ultimo guappo (1978)

War robots (1978)

Cosmo 2000 – stellar space Battles (1978)

Napoli serenata calibro 9 ... (1978)

Sette uomini d'Oro in space (1979)

The mammasantissima (1979)

The smugglers of Santa Lucia (1979)

Lo scugnizzo (1979)

Napoli ... la camorra sfida, la città risponde (1979)

The beast in space (1980)

Digger (1980)

Your life for my son (1980)

Inmate (1981)

Naples, Palermo, New York – the triangle of the camorra (1981)

The children know the bits ' and core (1981)

Betrayal (1982)

Oath (1982)

Laura ... in 16 years you told me you (1983)

Ator the iron Warrior (1988)

Miami Cops (1989)

Murder at blue lights (1991) 

Vacation Club (1995)