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Who Works Is Lost





Bonifacio is a rampant fresh-and-come-out designer and is about to become part of a great industry, but the job annoys him incredibly. His ideas and fantasies are directed towards totally anarchic positions, even though two friends have been admitted to the asylum precisely because of their idealism. The hopeless young man rebels against the system that should ingest him, wandering aimlessly through Venice. Tinto Brass is the front-rower in the filming of the vogue: Tinto's hands and part of the body are framed, seen from behind. He also appears at the Lido Festival as a "paparazzo".




The film was initially rejected by censors, who demanded cuts to the film. Tinto Brass refused, but still managed to get the film to the cinema in its full version, changing only the title of the film from In charge of the world to Who works is lost.


According to the director, this was also possible thanks to the new Socialist Entertainment Minister of the centre-left government that had taken office in the meantime and the new composition of the Film Review Commission.