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Black Shirt




A locksmith Italian emigrated to France fighting during World War I loses his memory, the recover years later and returned to Italy, finding a more modern country thanks to fascism.


Film notes


Country of origin: Italy

Production year: 1933

Duration: 85 min

Color: Black/White

Audio: Sound

Kind: Documentary

Director: Giovacchino Forzano

Subject:  Jane Forazano

Manufacturer: Istituto Nazionale Luce

Distributor: Istituto Nazionale Luce

Photography: Mario Craveri, Eugenio Bava

Editing: Giovacchino Forzano

Music: Gian Luca Tocchi

Art Director: Antonio Valente




Camillo Pilotto

Vinicio Soffa

Febo Mari

Carlo Ninchi

Annibale Betrone

Pino Locchi

Loris Gizzi

Joan Ferrari