Carlo Pedersoli (Bud Spencer)

(Naples, October 31 1929 – 27 June 2016)


 Carlo comes from a wealthy family, from pink Facchetti Brescia and Alessandro Pedersoli, napoletano, the family lives in the same building rione Santa Lucia Pedersoli where Luciano De Crescenzo with which Charles began attending primary school. Charles begins to practice various sports, but in swimming proves a great preparation, winning for some awards. In 1940, Alessandro Pedersoli leaves Naples with his family for work, and moved to Rome, where Charles starts high school and joined a swim club. Finished his studies with honors, not yet seventeen, he enrolled at the University of Rome, where he studied chemistry. In 1947 the family moved to South America, Carlo Pedersoli abandoned his studies. Italian Consulate in Recife Brazil Carlo works. In the late 1940s Pamen returns to Italy and is signed by S.s. Lazio swim, and it is stated in the Italian Championships in swimming freestyle and in the relay events. In 1959 in new breaks on 59 time "5 into a VAT of 25 meters.

In Vienna in 1960 arrives fifth in 100 m and 4 x 200 m relay with the quarter.

In the 1951 Mediterranean Games in Alexandria, Egypt won two international medals in swimming: 100 m 3 x second in both the 100 metres that mixed. It was rugby player as a second line. Charles Meanwhile she enrolled again at the University of Rome, studied law but did not complete his studies. Thanks to its powerful and massive is noticed by movie environments. His first appearance is in the movie Quo Vadis?, where she plays a guard of the Roman Empire. Later continue in some small parts, most notably that of films directed by Mario Monicelli a hero of our times, in which he contrasted with Alberto Sordi as Nando, boyfriend manesco and wiry young Marcella portrayed by Giovanna Ralli. In 1954 along with Raf Vallone, and among the interpreters of Human Torpedoes, war movie that evokes some particular aspects of the war at sea. In the 1952 Helsinki Olympics, the 100 race at metres freestyle. In 1955 is summoned by the Mediterranean Games in Barcelona as a water polo player, and on that occasion he won a Gold Medal with the national team. The following year participates at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Melbourne where in 100 m freestyle came again until the semifinals. After much success in sport Pamen returns to South America, for nine months working at the dependencies of a u.s. company engaged in the construction of a long road connecting Panama and Buenos Aires (the famous Panamerica) between the Venezuela is Colombia. After this experience begins to work at the Alfa Romeo of Caracas until 1960. In the same year he returned to Rome and Rome 1960 Olympics participates.


Later he married Maria Amato, daughter of noted film producer Joseph Abboud, Charles signed a contract with RCA by writing lyrics for famous Italian singers, like Ornella Vanoni, and Nico Fidenco. In 1961, was born the eldest son Joseph, the Christian is born in 1962. In 1946 ends contract with RCA, Carlo becomes documentary producer for RAI. In 1967 Joseph Collizzi offered him a role in a western movie. Carlo Pedersoli tells that he refused at first, partly because of a pay offer of 1 million lire, faced with a request for 2 million pounds due to the four bills are due. The interview with the Director had not gone well: it was still growing a beard, didn't ride a horse. Despite this the Director couldn't find anyone with its physical structure, therefore Giuseppe Colizzi was forced to invoke Pedersoli and accept his contract proposal of 2 million livres. On the set she knows her partner with whom will make several films, Terence Hill (Mario Girotti). The movie God forgives ... Not I! and the first film of the couple, later in time for this kind of productions. To Carlo and Mario for movie poster needs are advised to change their names, considered too Italian for a western movie and to impress at international level. Carlo Pedersoli becomes Bud Spencer, Mario Girotti becomes Terence Hill, Bud and Terence together turned ben 18 films, 16 such as protagonist. In 1970 the couple turns the spaghetti WesternLo chiamavano Trinità directed by Enzo Barboni (aka Enzo Barboni) over time become a real cult, not only in Italy. In 1971 they turn the sequel ... continuavano a chiamarlo Trinità, always directed by Enzo Barboni, who manages to replicate the box office success across Europe, raising Bud and Terence to the rank of international stars. But Bud Spencer in addition to spaghetti westerns, also runs film Thriller, leaving directing by Dario Argento in 4 mosche di velluto grigio, and the dramatic film directed by Carlo Lizzani Torino Nera .Diamond was born in 1972, the third daughter of Bud, also an actress working under the stage name Carol Spencer with his father in Superfantagenio, and one foot in heaven. In 1973 begins the series of Piedone lo sbirro, Piedone a Hong Kong, prema Latha, Piedone of Egypt, born from the same idea, films directed by Steno, contemporaneously with Terence Hill runs films like ... Stronger guys, ... otherwise we get angry, turn the other cheek, which sits at the top of the most watched films in cinemas. Six years after Trinity, Terence and Bud are beings directed by Enzo Barboni in I due superpiedi quasi piatti, enjoying great success, followed by odd and even, I'm with hippos, directed by Italo Zingarelli. In 1979, Bud Jupiter award as most popular star in Germany. Bud Spencer was a great success with the tv series Big Man, Detective Extralarge, Noi Siamo Angeli. Bud participates in Spanish productions: on the edge (1997) and children of the wind (1999) in the Australian: Three forever (2002) and the German one: Honey are a Killer, in 2001 back working in Italy for Rai tv movie Father Hopein 2010 for Mediaset in the crimes of the Cook. But Bud Spencer is not only fists and action, is also a dramatic actor, in fact in 2003 participated in the film by Ermanno Olmi- Cantando dietro i paraventi, in 2007 she participated in a tv commercial for Mahone impersonating Santa Claus, in 2009 it turned to a Spanish bank Bancaja a commercial and in 2008 he participated in a short film entitled bread and oil.

Bud Spencer in 1975 he obtained his helicopter pilot license for Italy, Switzerland and the United States. The first flight carried out by Carlo Pedersoli, occurred on the set ... Pmore strong guys! Bud after seeing in different scenes stunt-driver do the maneuvers, on their own initiative and leaving everyone stunned finally got off the flight with the aircraft maneuvering the controls alone and unaided. The same Bud Spencer recalls the terror of manufacturers in those moments. Landing in quail (i.e. performed jumps on the track to a stop), fortunately the landing.

As a result of this experience Pamen will cultivate the passion for flying; is in possession of the patent for both the helicopter and the plane. In 1976 Bud Spencer launches a line of Jeans. In 1981 he was one of the founders of the airline Mistral Air, now owned by the Italian Post Office. By pointing out the love of music, in 1977 he writes some songs on her Lo chiamavano Bulldozer together with his brothers De Angelis (aka Oliver Onios). In 2010 he released his official biography, entitled Otherwise I get angry: my life, written with Lorenzo De Luca, already screenwriter of some of his tv series. In 2011 has published the second part of the biography specifically for the German market, writing it again with Lorenzo de Luca. In 2014, he released his third book,Eat ergo sum, in which mixes philosophy and gastronomy, written back in collaboration with De Luca, editedNPE, with a preface of his friend Luciano De Crescenzo. In an interview on the Messenger of 27 November 2014 the actor will say: I love eating and for this I've never followed a diet, although coming to weigh as much as 156 Kg. In the book Eat ergo Sum, Carlo imagines forced the doctor to be a stint for a couple of weeks, a real ordeal!. In the evening, while you turn in bed because of hunger, are finding it the best philosophers for having fun, but at the same time profound. He died in Rome on 27 June 2016





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Other equity


As Bud Spencer and Terence Hill – music video of Syncopation 2010 directed by Ludovica Galletti and Marco Gallo


He participated in the execution of the song by The Beatles, "Let it Be, collaborating with Swedish rock band Gyllene Tider, is also featured in the music video for the cover, along with many other stars of film and television.



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