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In the Bengasi of 1941 war rages. While Italian citizens are fleeing the city because the invading troops British advance in Italian soil, Captain Enrico Berti carries important documents from his home and forces his wife Carla, who has Hungarian origins, to flee together with his son Sandro for four years. But during the exodus into a truck along with other settlers, the British bombard and the baby dies in the arms of her mother Carla because the truck rolled over. Henry loses an arm during an attack and is taken prisoner by the British.The hospital receives the visit of his wife but does not have the courage to tell him of the death of their son.Henry, after being cured, ends in an English prison camp along with other comrades in arms. Meanwhile in Bengasi Philip Chalmers becomes interpreter of British soldiers that have invaded the city. It is actually an Italian army staff officer who pretends to be an interpreter to find out war plans of British troops. Falls in love with Paul, a girl known during the exodus of settlers. An old peasant woman seeks son you have more news after a battle. Finally found after much research but lost his sight during the fight. Arrived home she discovers that her husband was killed by British soldiers drunk because he wanted to prevent the invaders to ruin crops. Meanwhile, Henry escapes from prison camp where he was confined, he returned to Bengasi and discovers his wife Carla the bitter truth about the death of his son Sandro. Meanwhile a soldier Italian drifter finds refuge in a brothel in Benghazi where he falls in love with prostitute Mary call from all Fanny. One day the English soldiers searching the House in hopes of finding some Italian soldiers. The soldier is obscured by Fanny and is not found. Henry begins to collaborate with Philip (who was attacked in a bomb shelter by Italian citizens because it was considered an indicator of British officers) to find out the plans of the British. After ups and downs, Philip is discovered by the British arrested while Benghazi is undermined by the British retreat and many of its buildings destroyed. The withdrawal of British troops descend on the streets Italian citizens to welcome Italian and German troops, cheering and waving the flags of the Kingdom of Italy and those of Nazi Germany. The Italian authorities of the city announce solemnly from a balcony Bengasi has returned to the Kingdom of Italy.



 Film notes 



Country of origin: Italy

 Year: 1942

Duration: 90 min

Color: Black/White

Audio: Sound

Kind: Drama, War

Directed By: Augusto Genina

Subject: Augusto Genina

Screenplay: Ugo Betti, Alessandro De Stefani, Augusto Genina, Edoardo Anton

Producer: Film Babu

Distribution: Tirrenia

Cinematography: Aldo Tonti

Editing: Fernando Tropea

Music: Antonio Veretti

Art Director: Salvo D'angelo, Cesare Baietti




Fosco Giachetti

Amedeo Nazzari

Maria Tasnady

Vivi Gioi

Laura Redi

Guido Notari

Anna Arena

Giulia Pacleb

Silvio Bagolini

Gabriele Ferzetti

Edda Soligo

Emilio Petacci

Galeazzo Benti

Guglielmo Sinaz

Carlo Duse

Ugo Sasso