Next Place


TitleNext there is place


Country of production : Italy


Year : 1942


Duration82 min








Directedby: Mario Bonnard


SubjectAldo Fabrizi, Cesare Zavattini, Piero Tellini


ScreenplayMario Bonnard, Aldo Fabrizi, Cesare Zavattini, Piero Tellini


Producer: Giuseppe Amaro




PhotographyVincenzo seratrice


EditingMaria rosada


MusicGiulio Bonnard


ScenographyGiovanni Sarazani



Interpreters and characters:


Aldo Fabrizi: Cesare Montani, the bellboy


Andrea ChecchiBruno Bellini, the driver


Andria BenettiScarlett, the maid


Virgilio Rientothe Controller


Carlo MicheluzziAngelo pandolin


Jore Morinothe Vanished


Pina Gallinimistress of Rosella


Vincio Sofiathe hotel porter


Giulio BattiferriPietro


Enrico Luzipassenger


Giulio Calipassenger




The poor waitress Rosella is robbed a trolleybus ride of money just received by the owners of the house, who do not think it more reliable send it away. The girl is helped by the Roman conductor Caesar, who after having accompanied her to the police station to denounce the theft tries to find another place as a woman of service. Soon the man falls in love with him and Rosella counters him with the affection of a daughter; But when she knows Bruno, a trolleybus driver and a friend of the conductor, Caesar realizes that he is not destined to Rosella's love and that he has to combine a last meeting between the two young people before Bruno is called to the front.




The realization of the posters of the film, in Italy, was entrusted to the poster painter Luigi Martinati.

In the film the protagonist often use the term bus while in reality the protagonist of the film is the trolleybus, precisely the AR 110 Macchi in service to the hour to the network Filoviara Capitolina.