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Arturo Dominici

Palermo, 2 January 1916 – 7 September 1992



After attending the school of foreign languages at the university of his hometown, he dropped out of school to devote himself to theater, first as a philosopher and then as a professional in local companies. At the outbreak of World War II he was called to arms and left for the front in Yugoslavia. Returning from the war he married the noble Palermitan Irene Quattrini who gave him three daughters, of whom the eldest daughter is the popular Germana Dominici, who followed in her father's footsteps. 

In 1947 he was chosen for a small role by his fellow countryman Pino Mercanti for the film The Rebel Princeproduced by the O.F.S. ( Sicilian Film Organization ) of the Brothers and Jerome Gorgone. 

After that film, he abandoned the scenes and his native land to move to Rome, where in a few years he became one of the most requested characters of cinema, especially in the adventurous, pirate and mythological genre.





1947/ The Rebel Prince

1949/ Yvonne la nuit

1951/ Ride of Heroesdirected by Mario Costa

1953/ The TroublemakerVia Padua 46 )

1954/ Casa Memories, directed by Carmine Gallone

1954/ Red and Blackdirected by Domenico Paolella

1954/ The Last Race,directed by Piero Costa

1958/ The Toyofus of Hercules,directed by Pietro Francisci

1958/ Lost Lives, directed by Adelchi Bianchi, and Roberto Mauri

1958/ The Sword and the Cross,directed by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia

1958/ In the Sign of Romedirected by Guido Brignone

1959/ Caltiki, the Immortal Monster,directed by Riccardo Freda

1959/ The Barbarians Terror, directed by Carlo Campogalliani

1960/ Messalina Venus Empressdirected by Vittorio Cottafavi

1960/ Hannibaldirected by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia

1960/ A Fifa dollardirected by Giorgio Simonelli

1960/ The Mask of the Devil,directed by Mario Bava

1960/ Revenge of the Barbarians,directed by Giuseppe Vari

1960/ The Pleasures of Saturday Night,directed by Daniela D'Anza

1960/ Joseph sold by brothers,directed by Irving Rapper

1960/ The Thief of Baghdad,directed by Arthur Lubin and Bruno Vailati

1961/ The Trojan War,directed by Giorgio Ferroni

1962/ The Triumph of Robin Hood,directed by Umberto Lenzi  

1962/ The Black Lancers,directed by Giacomo Gentilomo

1963/ Perseus the Invincible

1963/ The Last Charge,directed by Leopoldo Savona

1963/ The Secret of the Coyote,directed by Mario Caiano

1963/ Hercules v. Moloch

1963/ Until the Stormdirected by Charles Frend and Bruno Vailati

1964/ Macabre Dance directed by Antonio Margheriti

1964/ The Promised Newlyweds,directed by Mario Maffei

1964/ Goliath and the Masked Knight,directed by Piero Pierotti

1964/ Sandok the Maciste of the Jungledirected by Umberto Lenzi

1964/ The Two Escapeds of Sing Singdirected by Lucio Fulci

1965/ The Mystery of the Cursed Island,directed by Piero Pierotti

1965/ Goliath to conquer Baghdad, directed by Domenico Paolella

1965/ Fantomas threatens the world,directed by André Hunebelle

1966/ A million dollars for seven assassins,directed by Umberto Lenzi

1966/ Zorro the Rebel,directed by Piero Pierotti

1967/ Fantomas v Scotland Yard

1967/ The Indomitable Angelica,directed by Bernard Bordeire

1967/ The Woman, Sex and the Superman,directed by Sergio Spina

1968/ Angelica and the Grand Sultan,directed by Bernard Bordeire

1968/ The Moment to Kill

1969/ A Guy I Like,directed by Claude Lelouch

1969 / Catherine, One Impossible Love

1969/ God forgive my gun,directed by Leopoldo Savona and Mario Gariazzo

1969/ Specialists, directed by Sergio Corbucci

1970/ Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion,directed by Elio Petri

1970/ Satiricosissimo

1971/ Confession of a police commissioner to the Prosecutor of the Republicdirected by Damiano Damiani

1972/ Girolimoni, the monster of Rome,directed by Damiano Damiani

1972/ Despite appearances... and as long as the nation doesn't know... The honourable man likes womendirected by Lucio Fulci

1973/ The Pisciotta Case,directed by Eriprando Visconti

1973/ Simbad and the Caliph of Baghdad,directed by Pietro Francisci

1975/ The Rudedirected by Franco Martinelli

1975/ Police charge: The Secret Service kills, directed by Sergio Martino

1976/ The Slhaving and the Cop,directed by Umberto Lenzi

1981/ Wooden Coat, directed by Gianni Manera



TV movies


1972/ A as Andromeda, directed by Vittorio Cottafavi

1974/ The murder of the Rosselli brothersdirected by Silvio Maestranzi

1974/ The Imperial Councilor,directed by Sandro Bolchi

1975/ The Bitter Case of the Baroness of Carinidirected by Daniele D'Anza



He voiced


Martin Balsam to Murder on the Orient-Express; All the president's men; Panic at the Stadium

James Doohan to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan; Star Trek III: Finding Spock 

Robert Kya-Hill to Shaft strikes again; the night's vigilante

Ben Johnson to Hanging Higher; The Last Buscadero

At Lettieri to The Godfather; Piedone in Hong Kong

Jack Gilford to Cocoon: The Energy of the Universe; Cocoon

Bernard Lee to Agent 007, Live and Let Die; Agent 007, The Man with the Golden Gun

Philip Ober to International Intrigue

Peter Cushing to Vampire Lovers

José Ferrer to Dune

Feodor Chaliapin Jr.  to  Haunted by the Moon

Bruce Forsyth  to Brass And Handles Above

Arthur Treacher to Mary Poppins

Robert Duvall  to Dangerous Inquiry

Billy Barty to Willow

Fritz Weaver  to Power 

Hugo Stanger  to Beetlejuice

Alan Hewitt  to The computer with tennis shoes

John McIntire  to Herbie the Beetle getting crazier

John Hillerman  to Noon and a half of fire

Eli Wallach  to Mouth of Fire

George Kennedy  to First Victory

Robert Webber to That Dirty Dozen

Stephen Elliot to Hindenburg

Lee J. Cobb to Touch It... brings luck

John Randolph to The Honour of the Prizzi

Peter Vaughan to Brazil

George Pastel to 007, from Russia with love

Robert Brown to The Spy Who Loved Me

Richard Bauer to The Sicilian

William G. Schilling to Please, Kill My Wife

Rupert Davies to The Spy Who Came From the Cold 

Nigel Green to Tobruk

Tylere McVey to Commander Robin Crusoe

Ted Beniades to Serpico

Jason Robards to Tora! Tora! Tora!

Joseph Leon to Shaft the Detective

Jeremy Kemp to That Last Bridge

Gene Blakely to Prisoner of the Second Street

John Vernon to Inspector Callaghan: the Scorpio case is yours

Jack Warden to Murder on the Nile

John Hamilton to Star Clashes Beyond the Third Dimension 

Howard Hesseman to Gentlemen, the crime served

Byron Kane to The Pink Panther challenges Inspector Clouseau

Alan Caillou to Herbie at the Monte Carlo rally

Kelly Thordsen to The Ghost of the Blackbeard Pirate

James Gregory to A Million Dollar Duck

George Furth to Shampoo 

Eddie Albert to Incredible Journey to the Unknown

Ivor Barry to The Explosive Woman

Bruce Gordon to Piranha

Guy Doleman to Funeral in Berlin

Don "Red" Barry to Swarm

Tom Aldredge to Miracle on the 8th Street 

Ralph Foody to The Blues Brother

Hayden Rorke to Our Summer

Walter Ladengast to Nosferatu, Prince of the Night

Tad Horino to Yado

Donald Moffat to The Thing

Lee Richardson to Brubaker

Val Bisoglio to Candidate morgue

W.L. Thunhurst Jr. to The City Will Be Destroyed at Dawn

Patrick Magee to Telefon

Frank Welker to The Golden Child

Jess Hahn to Afyon – Oppio

Erland Josephson to Whispers and Cries

Jean Gabin to The Sicilian Clan 

Fernand Ledoux to The Fabulous Donkey's Story

Yves Droutet to My Drug Is Called Julie

Monty Woolley to The Bishop's Wife

Han Yin-Chieh to The Fury of China Strikes Back

Hiroshi Koizumi to Godzilla vs. robots

Shan Mao to One Hand I Break You, With Two Feet I Break You

Salvatore Corsitto to The Godfather

Nehemiah Persoff to The Day of the Owl

Jack Betts to For a Coffin Full of Dollars

Geoffrey Copleston to Black Cat

Fernando Rey to This Kind of Love

Dan Sturkie to They Called Him Trinity...

Eduardo Fajardo to ... And they kept screwing the million dollars.

Benito Stefanelli to ... They kept calling him Trinity

Tano Cimarosa to The Mutual Doctor

George Coe to Unnecessary Crimes

Frank Finlay to 4 of the Wild Goose

Dharmadasa Kuruppu to Indiana Jones and the Temple Of God

Gianni Solaro to The Policewoman

Claudio Nicastro to Rome by armed hand

Roberto Corcione to The Camorist

Tom Felleghy to Anti-Mafia Team; The way of prostitution; Investigation into a perfect crime; How to lose a wife and find a mistress

David Lewis to The Spiral Road

Geoffrey Keen to Dr. Zivago





Don S. Davis to Twin Peaks

Dan O'Herlihy to A Man Named Sloane

David Wayne to Ellery Queen

Britt Lomond to Zorro



Animation Film


Big Smurf to The Six Smurf Flute

Sanshi to Robin and the 2 Musketeers and 1/2

King Fingal to Taron and the Magic Pot

Goalkeeper to VIP – My Superman Brother

Numerobis to Asterix and Cleopatra

Otto to Robin Hood

Sherlock Holmes to Basil The Investigator





Roll to Shake, Rattle, & Roll

Big Smurf to The Smurfs

King Gregor to I Gummi

Vital to Resto His Adventures

Miko to The Gnomes of the Mountains

Danbei Tange and Mishi to Rocky Joe

Jan. Angoras to The Great Mazinger

Jan. Onikawara to Hurricane Polimar