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Arnoldo Foà

Ferrara, 24 January 1916-Rome, 11 January 2014



Son of Valentino and Dirce Levi family of Jewish origin. During The university he was interested in the theatre, attending courses of the school Luigi Rasi under the guidance of Raffaello Melani, he moved to Rome and began attending the Experimental Center of Cinematography. But unfortunately due to fascist racial laws must abandon the Experimental Center of Cinematography, and to be able to work must invent fictitious names including Foa. In 1943 he takes refuge in Naples where he becomes Chief-Annountor and writer of the Radio Allied PWB for the communication of the armistice with the Allies. 

At the end of the war he returns to work in theater. In 1945 he joined the Rai Prose Company. In 1947 it began to Masonry in the Loggia Alpi Giulie No. 150 of Rome. In 1950 he debuted as a theatrical author. Foà was also one of the most important Italian dubbers, voiced by the likes of Anthony Quinn, Leo Carillo, Robert Douglas. Arnoldo Foà died at the age of 98 years on January 11, 2014.




The Serenade in the Wind by Carlo Veneziani, Directed by Alberto Bracaloni

The twelfth Night of William Shakespeare, Directed by Pietro Sharoff

The Mayor Di Zalamea by Calderón de la Barca, Directed by Raffaello Melani

Representation Of Saint Ignatius (Anonymous of the FIFTEENTH century), directed by G. Pacuvio

Frenzy by Charles De Peyret-Chappuis, directed by Edoardo Anton

Life is the Dream of Pedro Calderón de La Barca, directed by Nino Meloni

The Merry Comari Of Windsor by William Shakespeare, Directed by Pietro Scharoff

I Masnadieri by Friedrich Schiller, Directed by Guido Salvini

The Castiglioni Brothers by  Alberto Colantuoni, Directed by Cesare Meano

The Arch of Ulysses  by Gerhart Hauptmann

The Birth of Salome, Directed by Cesare Meano

The husband Part of Vincenzo Tieri

The Merry Widow by Franz Lehár

The  Marquis Of Priolà by Henry Lavedan

i Do not Renounce the Love of John Bokay

Father Of Gaston Arman De caillavet And Robert De flers

Giovanni Mosca's small goals

The good People of Irwin Shaw, Directed By Jean Giraudoux

The Moon is Set by John Steinbeck, Directed by Vito Pandolfi

Arsenic and old Lace by Joseph kesselring, directed by Ettore Giannini

The beautiful Adventure Of Caillavet and De Flers, directed by Ettore Giannini

Terrible Relatives of Jean Cocteau, Directed by Luchino Visconti

Henry IV of Luigi Pirandello

Ernest Hemingway's fifth column , Directed by Luchino Visconti

The tobacco Route of Jack Kirkland (From Erskine Caldwell's novel), Directed by Luchino Visconti

My Sister Evelina of J. Fields And J. Chodorov, Directed by Guido Salvini

Susanna and the Sinners Directed By Tullio Carminati

Crime and Punishment of Gaston Baty (From Fyodor Dostoyevsky), Directed by Luchino Visconti

The mother of the Emigrants of Turi Vasile and Alberto Perrini, directed by Nino Meloni

The Portrait Of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, Directed by Guido Salvini

Spell by Philip Barry, directed by Gerardo Guerrieri

Appointment To Senlis by Jean Anouilh, Directed by Guido Salvini

Candida by George Bernard Shaw, Directed By Alessandro Brissoni

Masks Fair (from Ruzante and Moliere), reduction of Vito Pandolfi and Luigi Squarzina, directed by Luigi Squarzina

Marry Us, Lord...! by Jean De Létraz, directed by Alessandro Brissoni

The man And the Rifle of Sergio Sollima, Directed By Luigi Squarzina, Prague

Host 38 by Jean Giradoux, Directed By Alessandro Brissoni

Christ Killed by Gian Paolo Callegari, Directed by Guido Salvin

A beautiful Sunday In September by Ugo Betti, Directed by Turi Vasile

Oedipus King of Aeschylus, Directed by Guido Salvini

The closed Door of Marco Praga, directed by Alessandro Brissoni

Get off.. They call you Of Jean De Letraz, directed By Alessandro Brissoni

The two Worlds by Rose Franken, directed By Alessandro Brissoni

Stefano di Jacques déval, directed by Enzo Ferrieri

The animal Kingdom of Philip Barry, Directed By Luigi Squarzina

The night of 16 January by Ayn Rand, directed by Guglielmo Cortese

Ardelia Or La Margherita by Jean Anouilh, Directed By Alessandro Brissoni

Giulio Cesare by William Shakespeare, Directed by Guido Salvini

Medea by Euripides, directed by Guido Salvini

The Dirty Hands Of Jean Paul Sartre, directed by Alessandro Brissoni

The Miser Of Molière, directed by Luciano Salvi

Live So by Dino Falconi

Forbidden To The Public of Rogers Dornès and Jean Marsan, Directed By Alessandro Brissoni

I Masnadieri by Friedrich Schiller, Directed by Guido Salvini

The Persians Of aeschylus, directed by Luigi Squarzina

The Backers Of Euripides, directed byLuigi Squarzina

Peer Gynt by Henrik Ibsen, directed by Vittorio Gassman

Sofonisba by Giangiorgio Trissino, Directed by Giorgio Strehler

Antigone by Sophocles, directed by Guido Salvini

Comedy Of The Straccioni of Annibal Caro, directed by Guido Salvini

Catherine of Siena by Cesare Vico ludovici, directed By Fernando De Crucciati

The Brothers Of Publius Terenzio Afro, directed by Luigi Squarzina

The Brilliant Maid of Carlo Goldoni, directed by Lucio Chiavarelli

Anna for a thousand Days of Maxwell Anderson, directed by Guido Salvini

Detective Story, by Sidney Kingsley, directed By Luigi Squarzina

The Book Of Christopher Columbus by Paul Claudel, Directed by Guido Salvini

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare,directed by Guido Salvin

La Casa Nova by Carlo Goldoni, directed by Carlo Lodovici

Yo, el Rey by Bruno Cicognani, directed by Guido Salvini

A month in countryside a by Ivan Turgenev, directed by Orazio Costa

The Clouds Of Aristophanes, directed by Giulio Pacuvio

Pseudolus of Plauto, directed by Giulio Pacuvio

Lazarus Di L. Pirandello, directed by Claudio Fino

The torch under the Bushel of Gabriele d'Annunzio, directed by Corrado Pavolini

Captain Carvallo by Denis Cannan, directed by Mario Ferrero

Chéri Di Léopold Marchand (from Colette), directed By André Barsacq

Julius Caesar by W. Shakespeare, directed By G. Strelher

Host of Plautos, directed by Jean Giraudoux

Pseudolus of Plauto, directed by Giulio Pacuvio

The Clouds Of Aristophanes, directed by Giulio Pacuvio

Vigil of Arms of D. Fabbri, directed by Orazio Costa

Fear of Me by V. Bompiani, directed by Daniele D'anza

We two byAlessandro De Stefani, Directed By Mario Landi

The profession of Mrs. Warren by George Bernard Shaw, directed by Mario Ferrero

Adorable Giulia by Marc Gilbert sauvajon, directed by Daniele D'anza

Music of the Dead Leaves of Pier Maria Rosso di San Second, directed by Alberto Gagliardelli

Doll House by Henrik Ibsen, directed by Luciano Lucignani

But it is not a serious Thing of Luigi Pirandello, directed by Luigi Squarzina

Gentlemen Good Evening by A. Foà, directed By A. Foà

The Daughter Of Jorio by Gabriele D'annunzio,directed by Luigi Squarzina

The Comedy of Misunderstandings by W. Shakespeare, directed by Mario Ferrero, 1958

Winter Tale by W. Shakespeare, directed by Guido Salvini, 1959

Comedy of The Straccioni of Annibal Caro, Directed by Guido Salvini

Miles gloriusus of Plauto, directed by Giulio Pacuvio

Two in Swing by William Gibson, directed by A. Foà

The earth is Round by Armand Salacrou directed by Roberto Guicciardini

Romeo and Juliet by W. Shakespeare, directed by Franco Enriquez

Fay's Rashomon and Kanin, (from Akira Kurosawa's film),directed by Arnoldo Foà

The Turks play it in prime by Alfio Beretta, directed by Arnoldo Foà

William Shakespeare's Lost love penis, directed by Franco Enriquez

A day in the life of... by Jack Popplewell, directed by Umberto Benedetto

Host of Plautus, directed by Silverio Blasi

The Figenia by Ildebrando Pizzetti and Alberto Perrini, directed by Aldo Vassallo Mirabella

The Bat of Johann Strauss Jr, directed by Herbert Graf

Krachmalnick, Theatrical director Arnoldo Foà

Masteroids by Marcel aymè, directed by A. Foà, 1963

Nights in Milan by Carlo Terron,directed by A. Foà

The Lanzichenecca of Vincenzo di Mattia, directed by Virginio puecher

Heracles Of Euripides, translated by Salvatore Quasimodo, directed by Giuseppe di Martino

Andromaca by Euripides, directed by Mario Ferrero

Songs and poems of Freedom, directed by Raffaele Maiello, Texts by Arnoldo Foà and Gigi Lunar

King Deer by Carlo Gozzi, directed by Andrea Camilleri

Ruy Blas by Victor Hugo, directed by Mario Ferrero

The Witness Of A. Foà,directed by Arnoldo Foà

Guest Room of Brunello Rondi, directed by A. Foà

Menecmi Di plauto, Translated by Ettore Paratore, directed by accursio di Leo

The Peace Of Aristophanes,directed by A. Foà

Uncle Vania by Anton Checov, directed by Pietro Sharoff

Golem by Alessandro Fersen, directed By A. Fersen, E.T.I.

Malatesta by Henry De montherlant, translation by Mario Moretti, directed by José Quaglio

The Gruff beneficent of Carlo Goldoni, directed by Carlo Lodovici

Diana And Tuda by L. Pirandello, directed by Arnoldo Foà

Flavia And her Dolls of salvaged Hats, directed by Giorgio Prosperi

The Entertainer by John Osborne,directed by Arnoldo Foà

For a young girl that no one Cries of Renato Mainardi, directed by Arnoldo Foà

Lysistrata by Aristophanes, directed by daniele D'anza

Old voids to Make of Maurizio Costanzo, directed by Arnoldo Foà

Miles Gloriosus of Plautus, trad. and Ridu. by A. Foà, directed by A. Foà

The Inspiration Of the Poet by Eugene O'Neill, directed by Enrico Colosimo

The Crazy Amanda by Pierre barillet And Jean-Pierre Grédy, directed by Arnoldo Foà

Nude Masks By L. Pirandello, directed by Lambreto Puggelli

A farce of Love and Jealousy by Mario Amendola and Bruno Corbucci, Directed by Filippo Crivelli

A 9 - caliber Angel by Nino Marino, directed by A. Foà

The Stuff from G. Verga, directed by A. Mazzone

The next Door of Nino Marino, directed by A. Foà

Diana And Tuda by L. Pirandello, directed by Arnoldo Foà, With A. Foà

The Leper by Giancarlo Menotti, directed by Giancarlo Menotti

The Teatro Comedian by Carlo Goldoni, directed by Augusto Zucchi

Tonight We recite a Subject by Luigi Pirandello, directed by Marco Parodi

The Supplicates Of aeschylus, directed by Otomar KREJCA

The Blue Angel, adaptation Of Aldo Triomphe And Alessandro Giupponi From The text of Heinrich Mann, directed by Alessandro giupponi, 1983

The Seventh Seal (from Ingmar Bergman's wooden Painting), directed by Lucio Chiavarelli

Diana And Tuda by Luigi Pirandello, directed by A. Foà

Ciavieddu di Salvatore Fiume, directed by Melo Freni

The three-head Rope by A. Foà, directed by Arnoldo Foà

Fiorenza by Thomas Mann, directed by Aldo Triomphe (With The Collaboration of Lorenzo Salveti)

Otello by Giuseppe Verdi (opera lyric), directed by Arnoldo Foà, Auditorium of Cagliari

La Tosca by victorien Sardou, Adaptation And direction by Aldo Triomphe

The Inspector General Of nicolaj Gogol, directed by Roberto Guicciardini

The ball at the Foot of Georges Feydeau, directed by Armando Pugliese

A piece of Paradise by Steve J. Spears, directed by A. Foà

Don Giovanni and Faust by Christian Dietrich Grabbe, directed by Gino zampieri

Pirandello's last Voyage Of B. Belfiore, directed by P. Gazzara

Adelchi di A. Manzoni, directed by Federico Tiezzi

The coffee Shop Of C. Goldoni, directed by Mario Missiroli

The Peace of Aristophanes, Trad. by Raffaele Cantarella, Adaptation and Direction by A. Foà

The Corsair (from Boccaccio's Decameron) by Fausto Tapergi, directed by Marco Carniti

Aulularia di Plauto, directed by Renato Giordano

Aminta Di Torquato Tasso, directed by Luca Ronconi

An evening for the theatrical impresario directed by Stefano Mazzonis

The Lady of Music by André Ernotte and Elliot Tiber, Adaptation and Direction By A. Foà

The Revolution Of Frà Tommaso Campanella by Mario Moretti, directed by Mario Moretti

Diana And Luigi Pirandello's Tuda, directed by A. Foà,

Amphitryon Toujours by Arnoldo foà, directed by Arnoldo Foà

Last day of a sentenced to death, by Giovanni de Feudis, directed By Giovanni de Feudis (by Le dernier jour d'un Condamné by Victor Hugo)

The Hygiene Of the Assassin Of Amélie Nothomb, directed by Andrea Dosio

The Vantone by Pier Paolo Pasolini (From The Miles Gloriosus of Plautus), directed by Pino Quartullo

Innocence by Ronald Harwood, directed by Arnoldo Foà, Mario Chiocchio Company, Teatro Greco di Roma

Pluto of Aristophanes, Adaptation and direction Of A. Foà

Duse/D'annunzio by Barbara Amodio, directed by Angelo Gallo

Novecento by Alessandro Baricco, directed by Gabriele Vacis

Today by Arnoldo Foà, Directed by A. Foà, with a. Foà

Patrizia, The Musical, by Arnoldo Foà

On the Golden Lake of Ernest Thompson (Adatt. di Nino Marino), directed by Maurizio Panici

Scenes from the Life of Mozart Text by Lorenzo Arruga, Music by Albert lortzing, directed by Dan Jemmett,

by Carla Baldini

Arturo Toscanini, by Piero Melograni, directed by Giulio Farnese

The old man escaped, an escape still possible, by Luis Gabriel Santiago, directed by Luis Gabriel




1938/ Crispino and the godmother, directed by Vincenzo Sorelli 

1938/ Ettore Fieramosca, directed by Alessandro Blasetti 

1941/ The horizon painting, directed by Guido Salvini 

1945/ O Sole Mio, directed by Giacomo Gentilomo 

1945/ The baton, directed by Pietro Germi 

1946/ One day in life, directed by Alessandro Blasetti 

1947/ Storm Escape, directed by Ignazio ferronetti 

1947/ Opium den, directed by Raffaello Matarazzo 

1947/ The daughter of the Captain, directed by Mario Camerini 

1948/ The hero of the road, directed by Carlo Borghesio 

1948/ The cry of the Earth, directed By Duilio Coletti 

1949/ Yvonne la nuit, directed by Giuseppe Amato 

1949/ Marechiaro, directed by Giorgio Ferroni 

1949/ Adam and Eve, directed by Mario Mattoli 

1950/ Il Widower Allegro, directed by Mario Mattoli 

1950/ Totò Sheikh, directed by Mario Mattoli 

1950/ The Lion of Amalfi, directed by Pietro Francisci 

1950/ The brigand Musolino, directed by Mario Camerini 

1950/ Tomorrow is another day, directed By léonide Moguy 

1950/ The Cadets Of Gascony, directed by Mario Mattoli 

1950/ Peppino and Violetta, directed by Maurice cloche

1951/ Beauties by bicycle, directed by Carlo campogalliani 

1951/ Lorenzaccio, directed by Raffaello Pacini 

1951/ Virginity,directed by Leonardo De Mitri 

1951/ Il treason, directed by Riccardo Freda 

1952/ Love Rosso -Marianna Sirca,  directed by Aldo Vergano

1952/ Other times, directed by Alessandro Blasetti - (Epis. issues of Interest )

1952/ Boarding at midnight, directed by Joseph Losey 

1952/ lawsuit against Unsubs, directed by Guido Brignone 

1952/ 5 poor by car, directed by Mario Mattoli 

1952/ Long live the cinema!,  directed by Giorgio Baldaccini and Enzo Trapani 

1952/ The history of the Fornaretto of Venice, directed by Giacinto wont 

1953/ Lucrezia Borgia (Lucrèce Borgia) by Christian-Jaque 

1953/ The hand of the Foreigner, directed by Mario Soldati 

1953/ Ivan, the son of the White Devil, directed by Guido Brignone 

1953/ Infamous accusation, directed by Giuseppe Vari 

1953/ Long live the magazine!, directed by Enzo Trapani 

1954/ Blood and Lights (Sangre y Luces), directed by Georges Rouquier and Ricardo Munoz

1954/ Angela, directed by Edoardo Anton 

1954/ Cardinal lambertini,  directed by Giorgio Pàstina 

1954/ Red and black, directed by Domenico Paolella 

1954/ Jail leftovers, directed by Vittorio Cottafavi 

1954/ The Carter of Moncenisio, directed by Guido Brignone 

1954/ The daughter of the forced, directed by Gaetano Amata 

1955/ Chéri-Bibi-The Force Of Guiana, directed by Marcello Pagliero 

1955/ Toto and Carolina, directed by Mario Monicelli 

1955/ Destination Piovarolo, directed by Domenico Paolella 

1955/ There is no Greater love, directed by Giorgio Bianchi 

1955/ Sing Me: Good morning sadness!, directed by Giorgio Pàstina 

1957/ I defend my Love, directed by Giulio Macchi

1957/ Caterina, directed by Oreste Paolella 

1958/ I swore to kill you (La Venganza), directed by Juan Antonio Bardem 

1958/ Now X: Gibraltar or death! (Silent Enemy) by William Fairchild 

1958/ Pia De ' Tolomei (film 1958), directed by Sergio Grieco 

1959/ The Sinful of the Desert, directed by Steve sekely and Gianni Vernuccio 

1959/ The Borgia conspiracy,  directed by Antonio racioppi

1959/ The Nights of Lucrezia Borgia,  directed by Sergio Grieco

1959/ Carthage in Flames, directed by Carmine Gallone 

1959/ Desert Lovers ( Los amantes del Desierto ), directed by Goffredo Alessandrini 

1960/ Salambò,directed by Sergio Grieco 

1960/ The Beautiful bride The Angel Wore Red ), directed by Nunnally Johnson 

1960/ Heaven on earth, directed By Robert B. Spafford 

1961/ The captain of the King ( Le Capitan ), directed by André Hunebelle 

1961/ The Villains ( Les Canailles), directed by Maurice Labro 

1961/ Five hours in cash  ( Five Golden Hours ), directed by Mario Zampi

1961/ The Tartars, directed by Richard Thorpe 

1962/ Barabba, directed by Richard Fleischer 

1962/ The Tyrant of Syracuse, directed by Alberto Cardone 

1962/ The seven Lightnings of Asur, directed by Silvio Amadio 

1962/ The process ( Le procès ) directed by Orson Welles 

1962/ Chronicles of a convent  ( The Reluctant Saint ), directed by Edward Dmytryk 

1964/ The Hundred Knights, directed by Vittorio Cottafavi 

1965/ Outrage at Modesty, directed by Silvio Amadio 

1965/ The Son of Cleopatra, directed by Ferdinando Baldi 

1966/ Judith, directed by Daniel Mann 

1967/ The Sailor from Gibraltat, directed by Tony Richardson 

1968/ The man From the Kremlin, directed by Michael Anderson 

1969/ Borsalino, directed by Jacques De Ray 

1971/ Cause of divorce, directed by Marcello Fondato 

1972/ Uncensored Proven dishonesty career insured wanted, directed by Marcello Baldi 

1973 / The smile of the Great Tempter, directed by Damiano Damiani 

1973/ First Tango in Rome... Romance and Alchemy,  directed by Lorenzo Gicca Palli 

1974/ The servant, directed by Luigi Filippo D'Amico 

1974/ The referee,  directed by Luigi Filippo D'Amico 

1978/ The toy, directed by Giuliano Montaldo 

1984/ One hundred Days in Palermo, directed by Giuseppe Ferrara 

1985/ The attention, directed by Giovanni Soldati 

1990/ The King's Whore ( La putain du Roi ), directed by Axel Corti 

1995/ Play by Vecchi, directed by Andrea Zaccariello-Short Film 

1997/ Ardena, directed by Luca Barbareschi 

1998/ Crime against crime, directed by Aldo Florio-Short Film

1999/ Donkeys, directed by Antonello Grimaldi 

1999/ All men of the moron, directed by Paolo Costella 

2001/ Calm passionate hearts ( Reisei to Jônetsu no Aida ), directed by Isamu Nakae 

2002/ I love you Eugenio, directed by Francisco José Fernandez 

2003/ Do you mind if I kiss mom?, directed by Alessandro Benvenuti 

2003/ People of Rome, directed by Ettore Scola 

2005/ We are born who knows when, who knows where, directed by Andrea Canepari and Francesco Barbieri-documentary, Narrator 

2005The Fever, directed by Alessandro D'alatri 

2005/ Lecture Style, directed by Franco Fraternale-Short Film 

2006Antonio Warrior of God, directed by Antonello Belluco 

2006Anime Rapid, directed by Pasquale Marrazzo 

2006What Love, directed by Maurizio Sciarra 

2007/ On 7 and 8, directed By Ficarra And Picone and Giambattista Avellino 

2008/ Anger, directed by Louis Nero 

2009/ Blood Ties,directed by Paola Columba 

2009/ The Red Shadows, directed by citto Maselli 

2009/ There is for everyone, directed by Luciano Melchionna 




1954/ Candida, by George Bernard Shaw, directed by Mario Ferrero 

1955/ The evening of Saturday, comedy by Guglielmo Giannini 

1958/ Capitan Fracassa, directed by Anton Giulio Majano 

1958/ Doll house, directed by Vittorio Cottafavi 

1958/ The Adventures of Nicola Nickleby, directed by Daniele D'anza 

1959/ The Treasure Island, directed by Anton Giulio Majano 

1960/ When Amor commands, directed by Vittorio Cottafavi 

1960/ Tales Of the Vikings (1 episode)

1962/ Operation Vega, directed by Vittorio Cottafavi 

1964/ The Land Of Don Quixote, directed by Orson Welles 

1964/ Gian Burrasca's magazine, directed by Lina wertmüller 

1965/ The Power of Darkness, directed by Vittorio Cottafavi 

1968/ My prisons, directed by Sandro Bolchi 

1968/ The Inquiries of Commissioner Maigret, directed by Mario Landi (1 episode)

1968/ 1969 / The black Arrow, directed by Anton Giulio Majano (7 episodes)

1970/ Marcowalden, by Giuseppe Bennati 

1970/ The Tales Of father Brown, directed by Vittorio Cottafavi 

1970/ The five Days of Milan, directed by Leandro Castellani 

1971/ Orpheus in Paradise, directed byLeandro Castellani 

1973/ Napoleon In sant'elena, directed by Vittorio Cottafavi 

1973/ Madigan 1 episode)

1976/ Network three, directed by Enzo Trapani 

1977Night School for aspiring Italians, directed by Enzo Trapani 

1979/ Science Fiction Tales (1 episode)

1979Fear on the world, directed by Domenico Campana 

1979Bel Ami, directed by Sandro Bolchi 

1980/ The excluded, directed by Piero schivazappa 

1980/ Jealousy, directed by Leonardo Cortese 

1981Punishment without murder, directed by Fabio Piccioni 

1984 The tales of the Marshal ( 6 episode)

1992/ First Aid 2, directed by Francesco Massaro 

1996Boatswain, directed by Alastair Reid – TV miniseries 

1998Leo e Beo, directed by Rossella Izzo 

1998/ The Mastiff, directed by Ugo Fabrizio Giordani and Francesco Laudadio 

1998/  A woman for a friend, directed by Rossella Izzo 

1999/ The Secret road, directed by Claudio Sestieri 

1999/ Let's go home, directed by Valerio Jalongo 

1999/ Liebe und weitere Katastrophen, directed by Bernd fischerauer 

1999/ Endof the Century, directed by Gianni Lepre 

1999/ The Judges-Excellent cadavers, directed by Ricky Tognazzi

1999/ Two for three -sit-com TV, episode "War And Peace", directed by Roberto Valentini 

2000Family house, directed by Riccardo Donna

2001Der solist-Niemandsland, directed by Thomas freundner 

2002Richard Montale (1 episode)

2003The good Pope, directed by Ricky tognazzi 

2004Frank Riva, (3 episodes)

2005Carabinieri-Undercover, directed by Raffaele Mertes 

2005/ Mists and crimes ( 1 episode )

2005/ Restart from me, directed by Rossella Izzo 

2012Life is art. Renato Guttuso, the artist and his time, directed by Giancarlo Bocchi-documentary - vocals

2012We Siam born who knows when who knows where, directed by Andrea Canepari-Documentary -vocals

The Tales Of the Marshal -Rai


Radio Prose


1946/ The night Wind of Ugo Betti, directed by Anton Giulio Majano.

1950/ The old and truthful Story of Rumpelstilzkin by Francis Collinson, directed by Anton Giulio Majano.

1953/ Faust by Wolfgang Goethe, directed by Corrado Pavolini .

1955/ Pilate by Giuseppe Di Martino And Antonio santoni Rugiu, directed by Giandomenico Giagni.

1956/ A Wife for Jason of Enzo Maurri, directed by Nino Meloni.

1968The black Arrow directed by antongiulio Majano .

1970-71/ The Tales of father Brown, with Renato rascel, directed by Vittorio cottafavi.

2000/ The man Who stopped Hitler by Elisa Savi, directed by CLAUDIO Laiso, RSI retedue.


Filmography Dubbing


Anthony Quinn to The Street, Barabba, Wild is the Wind, the adventurer

Herbert Lom to War and Peace

Kirk Douglas to The Big Sky

John Wayne to The wings of the Eagles and the lonely path

Peter Ustinov to Quo Vadis

Robert Hossein to Madame Sans-Gêne

Ward Bond to I sacrificed

Robert Newton to The pirate Blackbeard

Warner Anderson to Silent crime

Lionel Barrymore to Pancho the Mexican

Ralph Bellamy to The Terror of Frankenstein

William Bendix to The Treasury Of Vera Cruz

David Brian to Torture

Leo Carrillo to Oath of Blood

Jack Carson to Love Crazy

Robert Douglas to Murder

Peter Lorre to The spies

Frank Lovejoy to The highway Beast

Barton MacLane to Angel in exile

Thomas Mitchell on a Journey without End

Jack Palance to The escapee Of San Quentin

Broderick Crawford in the bin

Edmund Lowe to Lunch at eight (Re-double.)

Noël Roquevert to Fanfan La Tulipe

Fernandel to Cresus

Toshirō Mifune to Rashomon

Max Serato to Blood at Ca ' Foscari

Narrator to The Battleship Potëmkin

Narrator to The Bible

Narrator to The Chocolate Factory

Narrating Voice to us Siam born who knows when who knows where