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Antonio Salines

La Spezia, 1st July 1936



He Graduated from the National Academy of Dramatic Art "Silvio D'amico" in Rome.  Together with Carmelo Bene he founded the company of The Rebels.






Adelchi of Alessandro Manzoni

Orestiade of Aeschylus

A Martian in Rome by Ennio Flaino

But it is not a serious Thing of Luigi Pirandello

In Search Of the Happiness of Rozov

Ruzante Betia

Toller of Dorst

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Barabbas of De Ghelderode

The work of the Beggars of John Gay

Neurotandem by Silvano Ambrogi

The Cauteriaria

Bulgakov dog Heart

The parliamentary Education of Roberto Lerici

Memoirs of a Madman by Roberto Lerici

Antigone of Sophocle

The happiest of the Three of Labiche

A Martian in Rome by Ennio Flaiano

The Council of Love of Panizza

The Boudoir of the Marquis de Sade by Roberto Lerici

Roberto Lerici 'S family Lunch

Hell of Strindberg

Who steals a foot is lucky in Love of Dario Fo

Crime At the Goat Island of Ugo Betti

Knives of Cassavetes

The Liar of Carlo Goldoni

Francesca da Rimini by Gabriele D'Annunzio

Leontius and Lena of Buckner

Lost love penis of Shakespeare's 

Merry comediers of Windsoof Shakespeare's 

The Courtesan of Pietro Aretino

Try It again Sam of Woody Allen

The Antiquarian Family

Who makes it the aspects

One of the last evenings of Carnival

If we don't have the mati, we don't want Them to Rock

the Regeneration of Italo Svevo 

The Rusteghi by Carlo Goldoni

The Adventure of Mary by Italo Svevo

Annie and I of Woody Allen

Nanà of Emile Zola

The irresistible Boys of N. Saimon

The Cat  Fedaux's Pocket

Six characters in Search of Author of  L. Pirandello

The Actor of Mario Soldati

Coffee shop of Carlo Goldoni's 

Waiting For Godot of S. Beckett




Sierra Maestra, Directed By Ansano Giannarelli

Màtalo of Cesare Canevari

The Lineage of Cain

The spanking of P.F. Campanile

Council of Love, By W. Schroedere

These Guys From I. De Matteis

Aunt Vania of Anton Chekhov

The man who Looks at Tinto Brass

Monella di Tinto Brass

Foul of Tinto Brass

Rooselvet Therapy by Muscia

Transgress of Tinto Brass

Sister Smile

Direction ' 45 by Tinto Brass

Spectre of Sam Mendes

A romantic adventure of Davide Cavuti





La hay fever

The Last of the Baskervilles

The Brothers Karamàzov

The Red Lasso

Crime of regime The Don Minzoni case

The Fausto di Marlowe


Tail Shot

The Woman of the train

Mirrors Game

Elisa di Rivombrosa


A Martian in Rome

The Fifteenth Epistle

Father Pio


Film Director


Uncle Vanya, A. Chekhov, director and actor