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Antonio Meucci




Antonio Meucci, emigrated to South America with his wife, waiting for his research on the phone are realized, he works as a machinist in a theater. During a theatrical setting, a distraction of Meucci causes a fire, this convinces him to move into North America, where he began working as a candle maker, but a sudden illness of his wife forced him to sell everything. Meanwhile an important American factory understands the importance of his research on your phone and you impadrona of the patent. Meucci sues in court and can demonstrate the true authorship of the invention.


 Film notes



Original Title: Antonio Meucci

Country of origin: Italy

Year: 1940

Duration: 87 min.

Color: Black/White

Audio: Sound

Kind: Biography, drama

Director: Enrico Guazzoni

Subject: Lucio D'ambra

Screenplay: Guido Cantini

Producer: Angelo Tarchi

Studio: Sabaudia Movie

Distribution Itali: E.N.I.C.

Photography: Fernando Risi

Editing: Pietro Benedetti

Music: Ezio Carabella

Art Director: Dante Bruscani


Actors and performers


Luigi Pavese: Antonio Meucci

Leda Gloria: Esther, his wife

Nerio Bernardi: Alexander Graham Bell

Greta Gonda: Consuelo Isfahan

Osvaldo Valenti: the young Giuseppe Garibaldi

Arnando Migliari: Elisha Gray

Rubi Dalma: Liliana Montes Anna Valpreda

Mary Emilio Petacci: Sam Clon

Nino Pavese:  Mr Closter

Rudi Dal Pra: Ramiro Gomez

Olinto Cristina: Wilson

Gino Bianchi: Parodi Aristide Garbin

Fleming Oreste Fares: the doctor

Nino Marchesini: the President of the Court

Eugenio Duse: the journalist

Cesare Fantoni: defense attorney