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Movie title : Difficult years

Year: 1948

Duration: 113 minutes

Color: Black and white

Kind: Drama

Directed: Luigi Zampa

Producer: Ferdinando Briguglio

Photo: Carlo Montuori

Editing: Eraldo Da Roma

Music: Francesco Ca Savola

Scenography: Ivo Battelli





Umberto Spadaro, Milly Vitale, Delia Scala, Massimo Girotti, Ave Ninchi, Ernesto Almirante, Ermanno Randi, Enzo Biliotti, Carlo Esposito, Aldo Silvani, Paolo Monelli, Olinto Cristina, Loris Gizzi, Natale Cirino, Giovanni Grasso Jr.

The film is the first part of a trilogy conceived and scripted by Vitaliano Brancati, including the art of arranging himself.




Modica (Ragusa, Sicily 1935) A simple and honest municipal clerk is forced to enroll in the National Fascist Party.


The son of the clerk meanwhile as a soldier, is called in various battles and in these he manages to escape death. He will die, however, treacherously killed by German soldiers as he returned home with the regret of never having seen his son, born while he was at war.

In 1943, at the landing of the Allies, the man finds himself being purged by the same mayor that when he was podestà, had imposed him to take the fascist card.

Difficult years aroused a heated debate on the part of many influential personalities of the post-war political scene that were seen in some way mirrored in the figure of Mayor Potestà.Some right-wing newspapers demanded the seizure of the film for defamation of the homeland.

The film was restored, the restoration of completed on June 29, 2009 curated by Fondazione Cineteca Italiana in Milan, National Museum of Cinema of Turin, and Cineteca di Bologna.