Angelo Musco

(Catania, October 18, 1871-Milan, 6 October 1937)



The son of a merchant of Maltese origin (Sebastiano Musco) and a housewife (Francesca Cosenza). He lived a very poor childhood to live were dedicated to various menial jobs. At the age of sixteen years shall enter into a marionette of Michael Insaguine. In 1889 he manages to come into contact with the theatre company of young fat that hired him immediately as long as they play in dialect. From 1902 he began collaborating with Nino Martoglio, who wrote for him l'aria del continente, San Giovanni DecollatoIn 1912 he founded theCcompany TeatrDramatic Sicilian Marinella Bragalia ale – Angelo Musco disbanded two years later, he founded the Sicilian followed Comic Company. Angelo Musco along with Rosina Anselmi. Musco with his company made numerous toured Italy and worldwide enjoying huge successes, but his big debut takes place in 1927 at the Manhattan Opera House in New York with l'aria del continente of Madrigal.

In 1937 after starring at Teatro Olimpia in Milan, after the play was struck by an attack of angina pectoris which led to his death.



Past productions


Nino in Malià di Lugi Capuana (1903)

Carter in the sulfur mine of Giuseppe Sinopoli Giustei (1903)

Turi the blind in Feudalism by Angel Guimera (1903)

The blind medicante in Nag by Nino Martoglio (1903)

La guardia in Civitoti in court by Nino Martoglio (1903)

The Ringmaster in the rape of the sabine women by Franz and Paul Schönthan (1903)

La Figlia di Iorio of Gabriele D'Annunzio (1904)

Austino Mastru Miciaciu in s. Giovanni decollato from Nino Martoglio (1908)

Nuncio in Sperduti nel buio di Roberto Bracco (1912) 

Don Pasquali Minedda in Lu Paraninfu by Luigi Capuana (1914)

Don Cola Dusciu in l'aria del continente from Nino Martoglio (1915)

Majakwara in Lumie di Sicilia by Luigi Capuana (1915)

Don Ramunnu in Don Ramunnu by Luigi Capuana (1915)

The Riffante in U Riffanti by Nino Martoglio (1916)

Pepé Moscardina (Giufà) in the art of Giufà by Nino Martoglio (1916)

Don H in the last nasco Francesca Agnetta Sabato (1916)

Professor Toti in Luigi Pirandello's Giacuminu think about it (1916)

Liolà at Liolà by Luigi Pirandello (1916)

Don Nociu Tinturia in to ' the latter wrote a cu ciancianeddi, by Luigi Pirandello

Zi Dima in ' A jar of Luigi Pirandello (1917)

Castro in A ' driver's licenses by Luigi Pirandello (1918)

John Schiffi in Ridi Pagliaccio! by Fausto Maria Martini (1919)

Cola in U Sapiti comm ' is Bogart S of Agnetta (1919)

Captain Mauro Turrisi in his Excellency by Nino Martoglio (1920)

The Marquis in the Marquis of Ruvolito by Nino Martoglio (1920)

Don Masinu Teri in Ccu the yellow nguanti by Luigi Pirandello (1921)

Father Athanasius in Fiat Voluntas Dei Joseph Macri (1923)

Don ' Nzuddo Ballarò in Fra Diavolo by Giusppe Patanè (1923)

Don Peppe Smarrano in Chief Raisi Francesco Macaluso (1925)





San Giovanni Decollato of telemachus Ruggieri (1917)

Five to Zero by Mario Bonnard (1932)

Matchmaker of Hamlet Palermo (1934)

The legacy of his uncle the late lamented by Amleto Palermi (1934)

Fiat Voluntas Dei Amleto Palermi (1935)

L'aria del continente Gennaro Righelli (1935)

Pensaci, Giacomino!, by Gennaro Righelli (1936)

Lo smemorato di Gennaro Righelli (1936)

Re di denari di Enrico Guazzoni (1936)

Gatta ci cova di Gennaro Righelli (1937)

Il Feroce Saladino by Mario Bonnard (1937)