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Angelica Ippolito

Naples, 8 September 1944



A stage actress, active in the cinema, daughter of Isabella Quarantotti, third wife of Eduardo De Filippo and scientist Felice Ippolito. Debuted in the theater with the same Eduardo in 1975 working in Lopez's Li lu Ellen Degener..., or Thunder ' is March, male and gentleman and De Pretore Vincenzo, Na Santarella

In film he starred in crime movies and Italian comedy, winning in 1977 David di Donatello Award for his performance in Oh, Serafina!, by Laidlaw. It was from 1984 to 1994 's Companion Gian Maria Volontè, year of the death of the actor.




1975/ Li Lopez lu Ellen Degener... by Eduardo Scarpetta

1975/ 'or thunder of March by Eduardo De Filippo

1975/ Male and gentleman by Eduardo De Filippo

1976/ De Pretore Vincenzo by Eduardo De Filippo

1976/ The art of comedy by Eduardo De Filippo

1976/ Exams never finish by Eduardo De Filippo

1981/ The CAP and bells by Luigi Pirandello




1969/ La monaca di Monza

1969/ Wild cat

1969/ His day of glory

1976/ Oh, Serafina

1977/ The monster

1977/ I'm scared

1979/ The Venetian comedian

1982/ Out of the day

1989/ Pestalozzis Berg

1990/ Three columns in the news

1997/ Between land and seadirected by Giuseppe m. Gaudino

1999/ Look at me

2000/ Free the fish

2000/ Theft of the treasure

2001/ Chimera

2003/ Tosca and two other