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Alfonso Santagata

Foggia, 1 September 1947



He graduated from the drama school in Milan, after some experience as an actor with Luca Ronconi, Dario Fo and Carlo Cecchi, interprets, the man the beast and the virtue, the bourgeois gentleman and Don Giovanni. Together with Claudio Morganti founded the theatre company Katzenmacher, making the show, raw and touching story of marginalization of immigrants in Germany and together work on memory and language. Since then, true to a kind of poetry of marginality and delinquency, have created numerous shows, often by rewriting literary texts from various authors. Dissolved the partnership with Morganti, remained artistic director of the company, continuing with young actors the work of modern reinterpretation of farce and tragedy.





Red Palombella by Nanni Moretti

Hotel Fear by Renato De Maria

Lunch on August by Gianni Di Gregorio

Gianni and women by Gianni Di Gregorio

Gomorrah by Matteo Garrone

Henry of Alessandro Piva

We believed by Mario Martone

The ideal city of Luigi Lo Cascio