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 Alfa Tau




The submarine Enrico Toti returns to its base, at the end of a mission. After a brief license, the crew members, who embraced the family, taking over the sea.


 Film Notes


Original title: Alfa Tau

Country of production : Italy

Year: 1942

Duration: 90 minutes

Color: B/w

Audio: Sound

Kind: War

Directedby: Francesco De robertis

Subject: Francesco De robertis

Screenplay: Francis De Robertis

Producer: Scalera/Centro Cinema della Marina

Photography: Giuseppe Caracciolo

Editing: Francesco De robertis

Music: Edgardo Carducci





Bruno Zelich

Joseph Festoed


Marina Clerici

Heather Pilucolio





The director Pugliese Francesco De Robertis, director of the Film Center at the Ministry of the Navy, in maritime stories and in 1942 realizes Alfa TauIt is the third consecutive of six films produced by Scalera and between the film of the Tetralogy D military. The actors are not professionals, the photography is of documentary style, the titles of the film's head do not report nor cast, nor credit. De Robertis tried to stick to a historical and environmental verismo, so the role that each character has in the story corresponds to the role that each of them has in life. The greatest merit is simplicity the lack of theoretical. Qualities all the more deserving if you take into account That Alfa Tau! It was made in wartime and, most of all, by the Navy Miniestro. Giulio Andreotti, undersecretary for the show to the Presidency of the Council of ministers during the legislature 1947-1953 provided documents of the Office of Film revision: In Report to the film, which had the clearance No. 11 of P.W.B., Psycological War Branch, in the memo destined to him on May 4, 1945, the official officer notes that:


"Considers it inappropriate to withdraw the ban on circulation" and the Office of the show already on 29 May writes to the Scalera Film: "This sub-Secretariat, examined the film, which was banned from the movement from P.W.B., confirms the prohibition of movement."


But the "Scalera Film" insists and requires the export clearance for the films produced by De Robertis in 1942, of which the circulation in Italy is still prohibited. The official (Calvino) pin then on May 16, 1946 that: "In view of the specific character of the film and in consideration of the particular political situation, it is advisable to confirm the prohibition of circulation."


"The film describes the life of the submariners of a naval base and the victorious combat of one of our submarines against an allied submarine. The film, made by a director of value, presents, on a technical artistic level, considerable merits. The descriptive parts, related to the actions of war, have a moderate tone and do not assume accents of controversy against the Allies. It is believed that it can grant the export clearance, leaving to the censorship of the individual States, any decision about the opportunity to admit its programming. "


Then, at the request for revision of 27 january 1948, he finally "expresses a favourable opinion on condition that the scenes appearing distinctive and fascists or Fascist greetings. Eliminate the Cry "Long Live the King" and attenuate the scenes where on the flag is visible the Savoy coat of arms. The story concludes with a letter from the Scalera Film, dated February 23, 1949 confirming: "This film house, taken cognizant of what was established for the presentation to the public of the film " Alfa Tau ", gives assurance that in the new copies