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At a military airport, the daily life of soldiers and civilians is intertwined, especially in blues bar run by Tonio and his young daughters Martha and Tina. The latter waits for the pilot Richard Valetti asks her sister to wife, while Marta is in love with the Sergeant Gustavo Ferri, tormented and problematic character. Meanwhile the airport comes Captain John irons, brother of Gustavo: the allies have landed and his unit had to surrender.The captain, to prevent his plane could be destroyed, the door in flight behind the lines. We need an action and it is essential the commitment of all pilots: Captain Ferri, although anxious to reach his wife about to give birth, accept without complaint the mission, but is shot down. In another action, made necessary to defend the airport, even the Valets plane gets shot: to save it you need to amputate an arm. With the signing of the Armistice the soldiers return to their homes, and so will marry Martha MD Farooq.


Film Notes 


Original title: Airport

Manufacturing production: Italy

Year: 1944

Duration: 90 min

Color: Black/White

Audio: Sound

Kind: Drama

Director: Piero Costa

Subject: Piero Costa

Screenplay: Piero Costa, Alessandro De Stefani

Manufacturer: Mariangela Nuvoletti for Victoria Movies

Distribution: Victoria movies

Photography: Gábor Pogàny

Editing: John Vallance

Music: Franco D'achiardi

Art Director: Uberto Bonetti



Anna Arena

Elio Steiner

Renato Malavasi

Carlo Minello

Piero Carnabucci