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Movie title: Achtung! Bandits !

Year: 1951

Duration: 96 min.

Color: Black and white

Kind: Drama

Directed: Carlo Lizzani

Producer: Cooperative film producers

Photo: Gianni Di Venanzo

Editing: Enzo Alfoni

Music: Mario Zafred

Scenography: Carlo Egidi



Interpreters and characters



Gina Lollobrigida: Anna 

Andrea Checchi: The Inge Neer

Lamberto Maggiorani: Marco 

Vittorio Duse: Domenico

Giuseppe Taffarel: Wind 

Pietro Tordi: The diplomat 

Giuliano Montaldo: The Commissioner Lorenzo

Maria Laura Rocca: The ante of the diplomat




Among the characters, there is an alpine presumably of the Alpine Division Monterosa which, instead of firing at the partisans, turns the weapons against the Nazi-fascists. For the panorama of Resistance in Genoa the reference is to the battalions of Monterosa who, contacted with great courage by Aldo Gastaldi, commander of Pinan-Cichero (battle name "Bisagno"), passed to the partisan struggle bringing with them a rich Kit of weapons, Bisagno Mori for a car accident while accompanying to their houses this part of men, Bergamaschi by origin. Another moment of emotional tension of the film is that in which a wounded partisan, left momentarily in a ditch deemed safe by a companion to seek help, is discovered: As soon as the two Nazis fall into the ditch with a jump to finish him to the blasts of Mithra Wounded removes the fuses to two grenades by hand blowing everything. The film was made thanks to a subscription of shares of 500 lire, Lizzani, according to the time of the release of the film, had the idea of subscribing after attending the projection of the Earth Trembles (1948) and having discussed with Luchino Visconti of the fact that the latter had not found producers interested in the continuation of its work. So the director remembers the birth of the project:



"It was then that a group of workers proposed to give life to a cooperative that financed the courageous films, those films that the private industry did not feel to produce. It was necessary to break the circle of a humiliating custom for Italian cinema, give an example, launch an initiative that could then be revived by other Italian cities, show that the people not only loved the new Italian cinema, but wanted to help him and Strengthening it, Genoa did not want his film and the founders of the cooperative agreed to choose on the subject of the first film work financed directly by the spectators resistance, which in Genoa had unforgettable moments and figures.. "


(Carlo Lizzani, notebooks of the Olympics, August 3, 1951)



Wooden weapons were used in the film as they were not allowed to use weapons that were deactivated.


   Italian voice actor 


Rosetta Calavetta: Anna

Emilio Cigoli: Wind

Gualtiero De Angelis: Lorenzo

Giulio Panicali: Engineer