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Mario, bersagliere cyclist, was discharged and returned to his work as a labourer at steel mills of Terniconfidando to find and marry Gina, who was his girlfriend. But the girl, meanwhile, is linked to Pietro, also a worker and the two confess openly to Mario their relationship. Because of this, Mario and Peter, once great friends, they argue, but the work forces them to stay close. One day a misunderstanding between the two during a cast causes a serious accident in which Peter gets hit by a glowing ingot. Although Pietro, moribund, has time to say who caused the accident is not Mario, he, because of known contrast that divided them, is considered by the community who is responsible for the horrific death of colleague. Isolated and despised by all, Mario thinks to capitalize on his military experience and to give themselves to professional cycling, leaving the work of Foundry. When it appears that this perspective is now at hand, Mario, still in love with Gina with which she hopes to renew the relationship, decides to return to the factory worker, where he will be alongside his father of Peter, who always believed in his innocence .



Film notes



Title: Steel

Language: Italian

Country: Italy

Year: 1933

Length 67 min.

Color: Black/White

Kind: Drama

Director: Walter Ruttmann

Subject: Luigi Pirandello

Screenplay: Walter Ruttmann, Mario Soldati

Producer: Emilio Cecchi, Baldassarre Negroni

Producer: Emilio Cecchi

Studio: Cines

Distributor: SAS

Photography: Massimo Terzano, Domenico Scala

Editing: Walter Ruttman, Giuseppe Fatigati

Music: Gian Francesco Malipiero, directed by Mario Rossi

Art Director: Gaston Medin





Pietro Pastore

Vittorio Bellacini

Alfredo Polveroni

Romolo Costa

Romano Calò

Julius Massarotti

Olga Capri

Archangel Aversa

Enzo Straw Mattresses

Domenico Serra